New Learning Points System in Albion Online

albion online lp system

As you know with Darian we made a change to the Learning Points system. Our System is now very similar to EVE (when you are having an active subscription/premium you are generating LPs even when you are offline). However we made two major additions Someone who is actively playing progresses faster than someone who is not When you are out […]

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Albion Online Guide: Arcane Armory

albion online

There are many discussions around arcane staff. Goal is to offer support for beginners, or different build options for advanced players that want to try out something else. Now we will talk about the topic again. So far for the intro, let’s get going too the important stuff. Overview   Weapon basics Spells Builds and Media Build Ideas   Arcane […]

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Is the Delated Teleport a New Playstyle?

Road through-Hell

Delayed teleport in Albion Online is not that useless at all. Delayed teleport works with cast time spells like heavy cleave for example: 1. Delayed teleport 2. Wait 1 sec 3. Cast heavy cleave or something like that The aoe will be set at the new position of your character. Nice combos inc. So it is nice for repositionning without […]

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Castle Fight is Available in Albion Online for 6 Weeks


Conquer Castles in the next 6 weeks to have your own guild logo implemented in Albion Online! Starting from Monday, May 23, until Sunday, July 3, we are running a Castle Fight event in Albion Online! The goal of the event is to get a hold of as many castles as possible at the checkpoints listed below. Each castle will […]

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Do We Need Another Support Weapon Stuff in Albion Online?


Let’s discuss about the topic. I think the only support weapon arcane stuff is not enough to fill that whole support role. Or does someone think it’s enough? Let’s first discuss generally and lets go for details later. If we get multiple good proposals we can always start new threads for each of those. I know there is some people […]

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Balancing Issues New Skills in Albion Online


Today I will share with you the balancing issue in Albion Online. Great Hammer 6.3 brand new tackle skill description: travels in straight line dealing 48 dmg and stunning for 5.7s energy cost 65 cooldown 15s Polehammer 7.2 (same rough tier) Groundbreaker description: travels in straight line dealing 297 dmg and stunning for 9.14s energy cost 67 cooldown 15s even […]

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A New Give Away Started by Albion Online Alliance Members


A new give away started by several [EX] alliance members distributes their lands. The guilds Undead Lords, Ominous and La Croisade have recently announced something remarkable: they are giving away guild territories for free! As reported in the latest Albion Gazette, these members of the [EX] alliance have been very successful in their latest endeavors in the East and have […]

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Detailed Features in Albion Online Update Darian


Darian is the last content update throughout this phase of Beta. The game designer is now working in full force on preparing the next phase of beta on which you can expect more details soon. Now is the feature details in Darian. Features Study items In crafting buildings, you can now “Study” crafted items. You can study multiple items, and […]

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