New Spells in Albion Online Content Update Darian Explained


Albion Online latest Content Update Darian is released today and will include a total of 12 new spells. Check them out here! 1.Charge on Claymore (Third Slot) Charge towards an enemy, dealing damage and temporarily pinning them to the spot. The length of the enemy root depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you. 2.Fearless Strike on Claymore (Third […]

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Zoning and Flagging System in Albion Online


PvP in MMO game is a challenging prospect than one might think. Very few gamers enjoy getting ganked within the first hour of play, and fewer still are likely to stick with the game over time when doing so involves too few negative repercussions for the player-killers involved. One of the ways this is being addressed is with Albion’s current […]

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Problems about LP and Fame in Albion Online

There have been some talk about learning points being able to unlock progression with ZERO fame gained. But in my opinion there are lots of LP and fame problems in Albion Online, the biggest problem is that LP and fame are not linear and higher you go more efficeint it is to use LP instead of grind. For example: It’s clear […]

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Albion Online Video: Creating a New World


The Albion Online team has released a new video to show how the creative team worked together to overhaul the world map. Creative Director Jörg Friedrich, Art Director Marcus Koch and Level Designer Max Mellhage discuss why the change was made and let players know that it will be deployed in this summer. The world will consist of different continents. […]

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Albion Online Guide on Targeting


Today I will talk about my ideas about targeting in Albion Online.     I recently joined and I have been doing only PvE so I cannot speak about PvP experience. But in pve, targeting enemys is somewhat difficult when there is only a few mobs and lots of loot bags on the ground. Trying to get the target and but keep […]

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