Miracle Or Apocalypse that Pigs Can Fly in Albion Online?

albion online house

A family of pigs were spotted this week flying over the City of Queensmarket. The animals belonged to a nearby farm in the neighboring province of Eugen’s Bridge. The pigs sent the town in to panic with some inhabitants going as far as to declare that the apocalypse had arrived. The City Guard attempted to keep the town’s folk under […]

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Albion Online Tips about the Throwing Weapons

albion online weapon

Today I will write down some thoughts and skills that I think, fit this unique weapon type. –THROWING KNIVES/DAGGERS– Certainly a more common weapon. They come in all forms and shapes and can be used for precise throws. I also experienced some throwing action with steel knives (went poorly :), and hope to lead this in the right direction. (Skills) […]

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Albion Online Currency Rework Suggestion

The tax collector: This results from the officers/leaders who increase guild taxes to +40% which makes it even harder for people to get albion online silver for the things they need and thus leave the guild in search of a new guild. Small Guild Problems: The same as the above, only with smaller guilds comes higher taxes to remain even […]

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What Should Monster’s Drop do in Albion Online?

albion online

I have seen in several post where people mentioned item drops from monsters, so I thought we could discuss about this matter. Does monster drop enough different kind of stuff or should there be more variations? What else they could drop besides silver and some suplement crafting material? Or are current drops good enough? Just grinding silver/fame in same dungeons […]

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Let’s Stop Comparing Albion Online to Other Games

A lot of people lately have been comparing AO to a lot of different games, it usually falls under three categories: Trolls. I ignore those because it doesn’t really matter what you say/do. People who want to make AO into a clone of X, because X is dead. I engage with those, showing that maybe the reason why X is […]

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Albion Online Bug When Leaving the Auction House

Albion Online bug

After walking away from the auction house, and having the window auto-close on you (because you are now too far away from the ‘vendor’) keyboard shortcuts no longer work, including spells, mounting, inventory, guild, etc. Steps:  Walk up to auction house ‘vendor’  Click in the “Search” box  Begin typing in the text box (I typed “Cape”)  Without hitting “Enter” or […]

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Albion Online Guide: GMs Compete for Guilds

Albion Online GMs

Recently I saw a player recruiting for a prominent guild in global chat. Not so noteworthy except the player had a (GM) indicator next to their name. I’ve never seen that before. For what it’s worth (probably not much), here are a few of my scattered thoughts on that:  I really don’t know the extent of a GM’s power, but […]

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Which Dagger Pair Build is the Best for GvG in Albion Online?

Albion Online Dagger Pair build

I am still wondering if the Dagger Pair build is the best for GvG. So I have many problems. Today I’ll talk about this topic. These are the build where I am talking about: Build 1 Head: Guardian Helmet (Stone Skin); Armour: Mage Robe (Frost Shield); Feet: Mage Sandals (Energetic Sprint). Build 2 Head: Assassin Hood (Meditation); Armour: Assassin Jacket […]

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