Albion Online: A Heretic Faction


Albion Online is beefing up its PvE game with this month’s Cador update. If you’ve been following this title for any length of time, then no doubt you’ve noticed that its patches are downright huge — and Cador is no exception. Cador begins with the addition of the Heretic faction, which will show up in new Heretic-themed dungeons overseen by […]

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Albion Online: Content Update Cador


Sandbox Interactive has unleashed the Cador update to Albion Online that brings a number of big changes to the game including a overhauled UI, new bosses and dungeons. Content is available for both single players and groups. PvP and PvE players will also be challenged to more strategic game play with the addition of the new death mechanic that brings […]

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Albion Online: Guild Alliances


Alliances will serve to strengthen the bonds of trust and loyalty between guilds. Be they firm friends or just on the cusp of a truce following a fierce rivalry, all guilds entering into an alliance can rest assured they will be in peace. How do I create an alliance? Creating an alliance is similar in many ways to creating an […]

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Ideas for Guild vs Guild Warfare in Albion Online


Albion Online is a very great game.Today I will share some ideas for Guild Vs Guild Warfare. Guild Size How guild size impacts how you play should be scalable. This means a larger guild just has more of the same thing, not access to more content. This scaling can be introduced in the form of Influence. Influence Guilds gain 1 Influence […]

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Albion Online: Destiny Tree Work Details


If you still a bit unsure how albion destiny tree works, and haven’t found a comprehensive guide to it, and also maybe a resource to find certain things. If you want to specialize farming but can’t find the items to harvest, follow this: For farming; buy yourself a personal island in a city. Head over to a dirt/soil-plot. Click on […]

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Albion Online Silver: You Need to Know


The issue I’ve seen so far is because silver values get so low for freshly spawned mobs and so high if they haven’t been killed in a while there is a big disadvantage for anyone who mostly plays during prime times. Playing extremely late night/early morning I can earn in 30 minutes what would take me many hours to make […]

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Another Albion Online Localising Resources


After read albion online continent map with region specific resources I was literally gonna make a similar suggestion when i saw this haha been meaning to do a post about localising resources away from each other awhile now. I was gonna split it in 4 resources (Wood, fabric, Metal, Leather) and have rocks a general resource myself that can be […]

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About Albion Crafting Quests You Need to Know


When i got a quest item, fox pelt’s/cloth armor then hand in the quest to get the reward i notice the items still in the bag i’m ok with fox pelts cotton etc, but having armors fill slots as if the quest was not asking they need it only if u can waste your resources to make the items u […]

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Albion Online Closed Beta Overview


Albion Online is something I have kept on eye on for sometime now, and since I’ve been playing it during the closed beta period here are my initial thoughts on it. This is not a full review, as I will do that once it’s completely out. We have a real empty spot when it comes to MMORPG games on Linux, […]

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