Albion Online & The Faye Update: Trailer Revealed

As a Sandbox game, Albion Online clearly show that the trailer of the Sandbox -MMO from Berlin. Needless to say, the new forest area will be appeared, in there, you can gather resources, fight creatures as well as chase animals. It’s worth mentioning that fifth area, at present, for the players of final beta, they will also meet with the Forest  Spirits and […]

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FAYE Update And More Albion Online News

Currently, Albion Online hosts its fourth big update: FAYE. Many novelties and improvements are coming. We list them below. Improved play comfort The function “Persistent Mount” Appearance of a new Biome: Forests Disappearance of the transmutation buildings. Managing the degradation of your buildings. Arrival of new emote commands for your character. Music integration (19 songs created for the game). A […]

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Albion Online Update: The Economy System Of Albion Online

For Albion Online gameplay, the closed beta have just started, followed by, regarding its economy, we can take a brief look at it. It’s similar with other traditional MMORPGs, Albion Online features player-driven economy. Discover, Gather, Hunt To erect the greatest cities and smith the most deadly weapons requires resources, and plenty of them. Search far and wide to find […]

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Albion Online Update: Elaine Introduces Highlands

Albion Online has been released with Elaine a new, big update for the Sandbox-MMORPG, regarding the update and detail introduced Highlands Biom. For this new landscape, it offers hills full of lush meadows, green forests as well as rushing streams. Residents of Albion Online attempt to settling here. More cheap coins for sale like cheapest albion silver,don’t miss buy it. […]

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Miracle Or Apocalypse that Pigs Can Fly in Albion Online?

albion online house

A family of pigs were spotted this week flying over the City of Queensmarket. The animals belonged to a nearby farm in the neighboring province of Eugen’s Bridge. The pigs sent the town in to panic with some inhabitants going as far as to declare that the apocalypse had arrived. The City Guard attempted to keep the town’s folk under […]

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