Albion Online is Much More Combat-centric And Its Final Beta

Albion Online is much more combat-centric, If you buy into the main tenets of their game design, not suprisingly, it’s a very well developed title with impressive macro game mechanics. What’s more, included PvP a lot. Don’t hesitate, recommended you visit official website to buy cheap albion silver.


There are many systems in place that prevent PvP and force you to gear up and that’s not really fun TBH. And I’m not even gearing up a whole clan, the people I am playing with are spending a ton of time farming resources.

That’s a really fantastic differentiating point in your game. I remember that from your marketing materials and KS campaign: a game for people with a schedule, with a life, where people can hop on and have fun, without endless grind before the actual fun.

I think there’s a lot of room for both types of games. and am shocked at how instantaneously and fun that game boots up and is. It’s like instant adrenaline, pure fun. Albion is currently in its Final Beta. Players interested in participating in the test can purchase cheap albion online gold from the Albion Online website.

Albion Online & A Sandbox MMORPG Gameplay

During the some time, Albion Online is rocking combat on the bridge of the Sandbox Interactive studios. On 1st August, regarding the release on BETA final is fast approaching. For the 160,000 founders, ultimately, in recent weeks, they will be able to discover the consequent changes as well as the new functionalities that have heard. Many player are ready for buy albion gold, let’s joins them.




This will give us an overview of the new world of Albion before its official launch for this end of year 2016. While waiting for this release date, SandBox Interactive invites us, through a brand new video, to follow the journeys of a player and see how his actions impact the whole game.

In the vast world of Albion Online, the course of the story is conducted at the will of the players. Each action and behavior count as much as each direction of play. Whether one decides to become a conqueror, a great warrior, a ruthless outlaw or simply an outstanding farmer or craftsman for whom the craft No longer has a secret, everyone will have their share on the future of the territories and other players.

Regarding the impact of everyone on the community, as a result, it can’t lead to any consequences, accordingly, Albion Online is now open as well as confers a great freedom to the future player whose role will directly impact the thread of the adventure. We can discover and guide together how our role, followed by, we will soon take its place in accordance to our orientations. More silver cheap for sale like cheapest albion silver,don’t miss buy it.

Albion Online New World Map Features Royal Islands & The Outlands

The Albion Online team has revealed the game’s world map that will be deployed when the Final Beta kicks off in July. Rather than “East & West” continents, players will find two Royal Islands and an entire continent called The Outlands. The idea of Outlands is to give more room for guilds and hardcore PvP players, something a huge playing field will give.

albion online new world

The Royal Islands are two separate islands: the King’s Isle and Queen’s Isle. They have resources up to Tier 7 and consist of green, yellow and red zones. Every player starts their adventure on either of two islands, the harbors of which allow them to travel to The Outlands. As the islands are governed by the Royal Expeditionary Forces, they are relatively safe and murderers will face consequences for their actions.

The Royal Islands are the perfect place for gatherers, crafters, roleplayers and small scale PvP.

new world in albion online

The Outlands are completely covered in black zones, with resources up to Tier 8. There is no law enforcement. Players and guilds are free to claim territories and wage wars, plundering and murdering as they please. The land is bigger than both Royal Islands combined, making sure players have enough room to fight and conquer. The most powerful creatures will also be found in The Outlands, roaming around the best resources and secret treasures.

You can read more on the Albion Online site.

Albion Online: All about the Warbow

The Albion Online team has released a comprehensive new video to show all of the capabilities of the game’s Warbow, a formidable weapon that deals physical damage. Narrated by NPC Gordon, the Weapon Master of the Royal Expeditionary Forces, it’s a great visual look at how the Warbow performs.

The video is all about the Warbow, a deadly weapon in the right hands. Gordon not only goes over every skill option, but even elaborates on supplemental equipment options and various tactics to use in both PvE and PvP combat. Check it out!

Albion Online Wishlists by Game Players(Part Ⅱ)

Last week we have talked some albion online wishlists, now we continue the topic:

Speaking of the Auction House (NO 30day Auctions)

In Kingspool, I have noticed attempts to “Devalue” the market. Why? I have no idea. I have noticed many of my crafted items that “Stack”, primarily the “Consumables”, are all being purchased and relisted at a lower price point. What? It’s true. Say I was selling “Chicken Pies”, and I had 50 @ 2000s/ea. Someone comes in and buys almost all the Chicken Pies available on the market and relist them 600 @ 700s/ea for 30 F’in! Days! This is some crazy attempt to devalue the market in Kingspool. And, it’s not limited to “Consumables”. To combat this behavior the 30 day auction must GO!

  • Limit “Stackable” auctions to 3 days.
  • Limit “Single” Items to 7 days.

Speaking of Crafting and Auction Houses

albion online

The crafting areas, in the front of towns, owned by players, are a “Dead Zone”. No matter which town you go to, they are all dead. Maybe it’s the 250% – 900% they want to use their crafting station; but, I’ll build my own, thank you very much. And thus I would suggest the following changes.


  • The “Auction House” stays the same; maybe a higher tax might be needed.
  • All Crafting stations come equipped with a chest and vendor that match the tier of the station.
    i.e. A T3 “Journeyman” crafting station can sell T3 items at a considerable less tax than at the “Auction House” and have a T3 chest to store mats or whatever.
  • Crafters can repair gear at any accessible crafting station for FREE! Or, maybe they will choose to only repair items they crafted for FREE. 👿 Repairs should occur in the trade window on items up to their highest crafting skill.
  • Farming, Cooking, Ranching, Alchemy excluded for obvious reasons.
  • Guild Islands could open up as “Crafting Emporiums”.
  • With these changes, players could find their favorite places to shop and know where to find the “Best Gear” at the “Best Prices” from “Renown Crafters”!

Speaking Of Mats

Collecting mats is terrible and I want to make it worse!
The rate of mat respawn in this game is incredibly awesome, too bad I can never seem to carry enough. This needs to change. Currently, the same “nodes”, closest to town, get harvested over and over.

  • The more a mat is harvested the slower it should respawn.

This would encourage adventuring farther away from town.

  • The carrying weight limit has to be increased. But How?

If I’m riding an Ox and I jump off to fight a Bear or Wolf or mine some Iron, I’m obviously not going to take all of the stuff on the Ox and carry it.
Just like adding increasing my maximum carry load on my footwear, the Ox or Horse should increase my max carry load weather mounted or dismounted, except in dungeons or where mounts aren’t allowed.

Speaking of Oxen

Oxen are just too damn slow and I don’t like to take an Ox out collecting mats. They need a speed increase.
A “Spur”(Sprint) that offers a 35-50% speed increase with a 60s cool down while “NOT” under attack.
Scale the “Spur” with a better quality mount. A “Normal” mount will only Giddy-Up for 10s, “Excellent”-15s, “Masterpiece”-20s, Epic-25s, and “Legendary”- 30s or 35s 😀 after all it’s Legendary.
I think these changes would make that long ride back to the city much more tolerable.

Raising Mounts

albion online

  • Could they eat less with higher quality food? Or
  • Produce a higher quality mount if fed a higher quality produce.

Add some Music please!

I think this game could be the next “Epic” game; and, it needs some Epic music. Make the music an optional download if necessary; but, MUSIC PLEASE! Each town should have its own special music, and there should be dungeon music, fight music ect. I realize that with all the different cultures playing this game, choosing the “right” music could be difficult. However, some music transcends all cultures.

Addition of “Rare Items”

On certain occasions known only to the devs, say once a month or once a week or once a year, make certain items lootable. Like a wood stove from a dungeon(see the attached picture). These “Rare” items could replace a trophy in a house and add A LOT of happiness to me and my hirelings.

Saved for Last

After 30days I upgraded to the Legendary Founders Package. If you knew me, you would know that says the Devs are building a GREAT GAME. My friends asked me “Is it worth the $99”. I was hesitant to answer this question, and, having a hard time justifying the purchase. The “Gold” and the “House” made it worth it to me. But, I think there needs to be some changes.

  • Every in game item in this Founders Package is “Mine”, I paid for it. The items in this pack should be bound to my account and NOT lootable. I realize there are other “In Game” possessions that one could argue are more valuable and should be “Bound” to their account. But they weren’t “purchased”.
  • The “Legendary” Horse and Ox should be “Legendary”. I was extremely disappointed when I noticed they were “Normal”. Come On! If I call my “Volkswagen” – “Porsche” that doesn’t make it the same quality as a real “Porsche”. As far as that goes, it wouldn’t hurt to make the “Explorer” clothing a little better quality too.

Castle Fight is Available in Albion Online for 6 Weeks

Conquer Castles in the next 6 weeks to have your own guild logo implemented in Albion Online!


Starting from Monday, May 23, until Sunday, July 3, we are running a Castle Fight event in Albion Online!

The goal of the event is to get a hold of as many castles as possible at the checkpoints listed below. Each castle will grant your guild one point. The top three guilds at the end of each week will get their custom guild logo implemented in the game. Any guild who can get first place twice during the event will receive the logo exclusively for them to use!

Each week will start on Monday, 11:00 UTC, and end the next Monday, 11:00 UTC. The only exception is the last week, which will end on Sunday, July 3, at 20:00 UTC. That means there are two fewer checkpoints in the last week of the event!

Each day has four checkpoints:

  • 02:00 UTC
  • 08:00 UTC
  • 14:00 UTC
  • 20:00 UTC

As there are six castles in the game, a guild can get a maximum of six points per checkpoint. The official blog will update the leaderboard regularly and announce the winners every Monday.And all event details can be found in the event forum thread.

A New Give Away Started by Albion Online Alliance Members

A new give away started by several [EX] alliance members distributes their lands.


The guilds Undead Lords, Ominous and La Croisade have recently announced something remarkable: they are giving away guild territories for free! As reported in the latest Albion Gazette, these members of the [EX] alliance have been very successful in their latest endeavors in the East and have seized a lot of land.

What is going on behind the scenes? Why would these guilds suddenly give up their newly conquered assets? Pest, leader of the Undead Lords, explains the thinking behind their charitable actions.


“Our goal is to shake things up this beta, and maybe keep some guilds playing,” he declares. “Give smaller guilds a chance to get territory and try out Guild vs Guild this Beta.”

Only smaller guilds are eligible to join this give away. This decision was made for a very specific reason, Pest elaborates.

Pest: “We took all these territories as very small, competitive guilds from three different very large zergs. We dismantled the [FEAR] alliance, defeated the [EAST] alliance (KDS/Aegis), and fended off Brasil Forces. We feel it is only right to give these territories to other small guilds that might be struggling against zergs!”

As of writing this article, they have already given away 10 of their territories, with about 30 more remaining. Want to get your hands on some land? Check out Pest’s forum announcement here for more information.

What do you think of this sudden give away?

New Spells in Albion Online Content Update Darian Explained

Albion Online latest Content Update Darian is released today and will include a total of 12 new spells. Check them out here!


1.Charge on Claymore (Third Slot)
Charge towards an enemy, dealing damage and temporarily pinning them to the spot. The length of the enemy root depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

2.Fearless Strike on Claymore (Third Slot)
Dash towards a location and strike all enemies on your way, dealing damage to each enemy and slowing them. The slow strength depends on the number of Heroic Charges on you.

3.Bloody Reap on Scythe (Third Slot)
Swing your Scythe twice to deal damage to all surrounding enemies. The first hit causes the enemy to bleed.

4.Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (Third Slot)
Shoot a devastating magma sphere in any direction. It will deal damage and burn all enemies along its path.

5.Tackle on Great Hammer (Third Slot)
Rush towards a target destination. Any enemies you hit on your way will be damage and stunned.

6.Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (Third Slot)
Summon a black hole that quickly pulls enemies towards its center and then collapses, dealing damage to those caught in it and slowing them.


7.Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (Third Slot)
Create a tornado and shoot it in a chosen direction. Enemies hit by the tornado will be knocked up into the air and receive damage. Enemies in proximity to the tornado will be slowed.

8.Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (Third Slot)
Summon a ring of deadly blades around a friend or foe. The blades will damage enemies surrounding the target, but not the target itself. They will follow the target around, repeatedly dealing damage and reducing attack power.

9.Salvation on Divine Staff (Third Slot)
Create a ground area that will charge up for several seconds. Once fully charged, it will heal all allies inside and cleanse all negative effects.

10.Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (Second Slot)
Increases your movement and attack speed by 50%, as well as making you immune to any movement-impairing effects for 5 seconds.

11.Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (Second Slot)
Cast a pulsating heal on a friendly target. The target will heal the target and all allies in a 5 meter radius for 5 seconds.

12.Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (Second Slot)
Shoot a single arrow towards an enemy, dealing physical damage and reducing the target’s Armor and Magic Resist. The more health the target has, the more stacks of resistance reduction are applied with a maximum of 10 stacks.

Albion Online New Context Update Darian Comes in May 18th

The Albion Online team has sent word that the Darian update to the game is ready to roll on May 18th. Darian will bring the Morgana rework, Item Study feature, new spells and more!


Darian is the last content update before the wipe and start of the next Beta phase, scheduled to happen this summer. This upcoming Beta 2 will include the New World redesign and more!

Darian contains everything that could be implemented before the large world update. Darian brings a reworked Morgana faction to the game alongside Morgana-themed housing drops, new weapon spells, crafting progression, learning point improvements and the typical bug fixes and feature enhancements.

12 new weapons spells will be added to the game.


  • Charge on Claymore (slot 3)
  • Fearless Strike on Claymore (slot 3)
  • Bloody Reap on Scythe (slot 3)
  • Magma Sphere on Great Fire Staff (slot 3)
  • Tackle on Great Hammer (slot 3)
  • Black Hole on Great Arcane Staff (slot 3)
  • Tornado on Double Bladed Staff (slot 3)
  • Enfeeble Blades on Demonic Staff (slot 3)
  • Salvation on Divine Staff (slot 3)
  • Battle Frenzy on all Axe line items (slot 2)
  • Sacred Pulse on all Holy Staff line items (slot 2)
  • Sunder Shot on all Crossbow line items (slot 2)


You can find out more details on the Albion Online site.

Albion Online Video: Creating a New World

The Albion Online team has released a new video to show how the creative team worked together to overhaul the world map. Creative Director Jörg Friedrich, Art Director Marcus Koch and Level Designer Max Mellhage discuss why the change was made and let players know that it will be deployed in this summer.

The world will consist of different continents. Whereas the Royal continents will be a fairly safe zone for adventurers to roam the land, the Lawless continent will cater more towards hardcore PvP-players. Here, guilds will fight for their own piece of land and no rules apply.

Check out the Albion Online site for more details.