Video: Albion Online director Talked Over the Darian and Beta 2

Albion Online Game Director Robin Henkys sat down together with Creative Director Jörg Friedrich to talk over what is happening behind the scenes of Albion Online.

This time, they are discussing the preparations made for the wipe and next beta phase, Beta 2, such as hiring a whole host of new people to work on the New World. Speaking of which, the preview you are all waiting for is coming in the near future!

They also talk extensively about the last update before Beta 2, named “Darian”. Coming in the second half of May, Darian will include a collection of new spells, the Morgana faction rework, as well as neat features such as Item Study and Learning Point improvement.


New Vanity Items in Albion Online Next Context Update

Albion Online will release the content update Darian later this month, and then you can use these new vanity items to make your island, territories. What types of furniture can you expect?


Torches and Standards
Your cozy camp of demon worshippers is not complete without a campfire or two to warm up the place.

Stone Pentagram
Home is where the demon-summoning pentagram is!

Weapon Crate
Rocking the Morgana faction logo, this crate will keep your items safe from harm.

Morgana’s Army Tent
Make sure people don’t confuse your camp for a pile of things, by adding this majestic tent.

Prison Cell
Pesky adventurers are better off locked away. For their own safety, of course.

Siege Ballista
Last but not least, scare foes away with this majestic siege ballista.

More information please click the official website.

Albion Online Tips of Chicken Kiss Battles

Chicken Kiss have established a name for themselves during Closed Beta, standing as a firm stakeholder in the West. However, immediate sources from the guild confirm that sporadic battles have been taking place over the past few weeks. Kyljys, the War Master of Chicken Kiss, provided us with a first-hand glimpse of their most recent skirmishes against their rivals.


“Our main rivals at the moment are certainly WarLegend and Money Guild. We have had a number of encounters in the open world, typically resulting in a large-scale battle. Overall, the fights have been really entertaining back-and-forth battles. Simply put, you win some, you lose some,”Kyljys explained.

Apparently, these large scale battles have been cultivated in attempts to sustain control over crucial real-estate in the world. Namely castles, which provide boons for any guild in the form of currency.

We asked him how exactly they would gain control of the situation and if they had any unspoken alliances that would support Chicken Kiss in the endeavor. His response was firm. “We haven’t been in an alliance for a while because we simply feel that we don’t really need one.”

Although they currently aren’t adopting any support in the form of an alliance, Chicken Kiss has been in numerous alliances in the past for a variety of reasons.


“The most recent alliance we were in was the SSS alliance, which included Echo of Silence, The Covenant and Valhalla. The goal for the alliance was to control the black zones,  and push into Festerfoss. Overall, we succeeded pretty well; we pushed Money Guild into Festerfoss and meanwhile, our allies controlled the rest of the black zones in the West.”

Despite Chicken Kiss no longer being part of the alliance, they set out to show exactly what the guild was capable of and achieved their goal in that regard. They have not only managed to break into Festerfoss, but have also proven they can compete in the top Guilds vs. Guild battles.

In more recent news, Chicken Kiss and Money Guild have come to terms with one another, and have derived a stringent non-aggression pact in order to direct their goals elsewhere.

“Even though we fight Money Guild almost every day in the open world, we are currently in a non-aggression pact in regards to sending Guild vs. Guild attacks towards one another.”

Clearly busy with his duties as War Master, Kyljys was cut short on time for our dialogue. We asked him one final question before letting him get back into the action. What does the near future hold for Chicken Kiss?

Without much else to explain, Kyljys was adamant that Chicken Kiss has been, and will continue to conquer their objectives.

“The focal point of the guild for this beta has been to compete with the best GvG teams on the server. I think we have succeeded in that regard fairly well. At the very least, the French wing of Chicken Kiss has. Now, we just have to make the other wings of Chicken Kiss just as capable and we’ll be as strong as ever,”Kyljys concluded the interview.

4 New Spells and Abilities Added into Albion Online Soon

The Albion Online team has sent word that several new spells will be added to the game client in the near future. While many are currently under development, four will definitely make the cut when the time for updating the game comes. Cador offered an abundance of new spells, but there are still plenty more to come! Today we’re taking a look at future spells and abilities that are currently in development.

In their most recent development update, the studio puts the spotlight on four new spells that will find their way into the sandbox-MMORPG:

Flame Orb, an area damage spell for the two-handed Fire Staff.


Tackle, a rush skill for the two-handed Hammer
Charge, a skill to charge and disable for the Claymore

Tornado, a ranged option for for the Quarterstaff


The First Phase of the Morgana Faction Rework

Today, Sandbox Interactive unveiled the upcoming Morgana Faction rework, which is currently in development for their sandbox MMORPG Albion Online. The faction overhaul will be split up into several phases, with the first part being revealed.


A rework of Morgana’s faction has begun, although the team said that it has a ways to go in getting the balance of this high-end faction just right. The long and the short of it is that while monsters in the overworld have been nerfed somewhat, mobs like Morgana’s forces are going to hit a lot harder in dungeons.

Strongly focusing on high-tier players and group-play content, the Morgana faction will be made significantly more varied and engaging with an abundance of new spells. Sandbox Interactive emphasizes that players will be forced to think more carefully about party composition and strategy to face these new challenges successfully.

The developer describes several of the upcoming spells, most notable for the new Disciple specializations: the Summoner, the Infester and the Conjurer. In addition to the group content in dungeons becoming more challenging, players will also encounter the overhauled Disciple mobs in the vast open world of Albion.

The first part of the overhaul will be to create more diversity and variety in the faction that will provide more engaging interactions and bring new spells into the game.

The developer describes several of the upcoming spells, most notable for the new Disciple specializations: the Summoner, the Infester and the Conjurer. In addition to the group content in dungeons becoming more challenging, players will also encounter the overhauled Disciple mobs in the vast open world of Albion.

You can get more specific information by visiting the Albion Online site.

Newest Guild Spotlight Gentlemen: Closed Beta Presents New Challenges

Although the provider of the albion online are currently dealing with a number of rivalries at the moment, history shows the lastest guild spotlight Gentlemen have no problem holding their own against those that oppose them. Throughout the five months that Closed Beta has been underway, they have sustained battles with a variety of noteworthy rivals.


We used to have a lot of fights with KDS and Hammer and Sickle a few weeks ago and it was really a great experience fighting those guys.

As Closed Beta continues to present Gentlemen new challenges, Tajger reflects on the goals and accomplishments of the guild thus far, and what the future will hold for them as a unit. The guild leader feels that the organization has achieved even more than originally intended.

Not only have Gentlemen been successful in defending their base from numerous attacks throughout Closed Beta, they are also expanding their bounds and continue to maintain acquired land.

Enjoy the video about Gentlemen vs Hammer and Sickle 20 v 20 below:

Sandbox Announced a major Overhaul to Consumables and Potions System

On the eve of the upcoming closed beta for Albion Online, developers Sandbox Interactive have announced a major overhaul to the consumables and potions system that will bring
more variety to food making and alchemy.


The team at Sandbox Interactive has no doubt retained its bee costumes, as it has been quite busy prepping for the imminent launch of the closed beta for Albion Online. The
most recent developer blog post on the official Albion Online website provides details on an overhaul to the consumables and potions systems. These systems play an important
role in the life of your character, with foods providing longer duration buffs, while potions are all about the instant gratification of heal-over-time effects, energy boosts,
and increases to defense to name a few.

One of the most exciting includes for alchemists in the update is the all-new herb garden where players can grow their own herbs for use in creating one of seven different
potion types. These potions are incredibly helpful as is typically the case with consumables in MMOs, and produce a variety of effects including:

  • A short heal over time effect
  • A short energy over time effect
  • A flask to revive an incapacitated ally
  • A strong increase of your defense values
  • A slowing field created at your feet
  • A potion that increases the regeneration of spell use
  • A potion that instantly removes negative effects

For the virtual chefs out there, buff-granting foods can also be produced that offer some longer lasting benefits:

  • Soup. Increases Health Regeneration outside of combat
  • Salad. Increases crafting speed and quality
  • Pie. Increases maximum load and gathering speed
  • Omelette. Reduces cooldown periods and casting times
  • Stew. Gives a bonus to combat damage
  • Sandwiches. Increase your maximum health


Consumable foods and potions will no doubt play a major role in Albion Online’s highly player-driven economy. And while this is fairly common in older MMOs, more recently we’ve
seen many development studios look to consumables as prime candidates for real cash marketplace sales, much to the chagrin of hardcore crafting types.

Conflicting PvP and PvE in the New Death Mechanic

With the new changes to the recent Death Mechanic there are 3 main issues that initially come to mind and have already proven to be an issue after the first couple days.


  • PvE is pathetic now and super easy when youre in a sizable group.
  • Winning when outnumbered in PvP by more than 2 or 3 is now nearly impossible.
  • The kill fame for kills is no longer going to the correct people.

I’ll begin with the topic of PvE being too easy when in sizable groups. In the past the raid dungeons in black zones were difficult and very punishing if you were to go in there with unexperienced or unskilled players due to gear loss upon death. With the new death mechanic this is no longer the case. The deaths should feel punishing instead of players just accepting death and not trying to survive because meh who cares. Especially since your gear only breaks 10% per death now and we have repair kits. If you are going through PvE content with a group now there is literally no worry if you die.

Now I will speak upon the idea that small groups are having a much harder time fighting groups with more people than them. Outnumbered PvP has always been something I have enjoyed greatly and is something I used to really love about Albion. I can remember many times pre cador me and my stardust squad would be on a map where there would be a zerg v zerg happening for a castle, and we would play gorilla warfare hit and run tactics. Quickly killing and looting people who were caught just slightly out from their group.

With the new execute mechanic this is now nearly impossible as you are literally stuck there on there body for a long enough period of time for the player’s team that you killed to respond. Another situation is when we straight clash with a group that has more members than us. We use kiting mechanics with all of our range to kite back while dealing damage and constantly getting heals from our nature staff. This being said we are very mobile moving very far away from where the fight began and the fights last a long time, but we have always been victorious. Now with the new death mechanic this is no longer possible because we have to stop kiting to execute players giving the enemy a very easy and high chance of catching us, and if we were to decide to not execute and wait till the end to execute players the fights last so long that the players who were downed first would have gotten up and escaped by then.

My last and final point is that the kill fame is no longer going onto the correct players. Many many times now I have killed someone or I have seen somebody else kill someone and then a different player that had nothing to do with the death execute and get the kill fame for it. I understand the developers want killing other players to be a “conscious” choice but in all reality there is no negative effect from killing someone and unless that negative effect is very negative in the future nobody will care anyways.

I will now speak on what changes I think can be made to both implementing the developers idea of being knocked before death to create exciting gameplay and keeping the players happy. If we are going to have a down state before death that gives people a chance to revive that is fine, but lets do it right. Look at other games for example call of duty nazi zombies or gw2. Both different style games but they implement the same idea. You go down before death but are only in the down state for roughly 10 seconds (I do not know the exact time i apologize). To implement this idea into albion lets give players who are downed an amount of time to resurected by a .3 holy staff ONLY. I think a down state of 6 seconds is perfect (the cast on the res spell is 2 seconds). If the downed player is not revived in the alloted time then they die. There is no execute needed and the kill fame can be distributed in one of two ways. Either give the kill fame out like they used to (the player who gets the last hit), or give it out evenly to all of the people who assisted in the kill (like kills and assists in league of legends).

I love this game and will probably continue to play it no matter what the developers decide to do to it, but the current events are driving away many players who wish to help us all with the beta testing. If anyone has anything to add to what i have said I would love to hear all comments. Again this post is meant to give the developers feedback about current changes to the death mechanic, and not just rant. I know Im not the only person who would like to see this fixed.

Albion Online: A Heretic Faction

Albion Online is beefing up its PvE game with this month’s Cador update. If you’ve been following this title for any length of time, then no doubt you’ve noticed that its patches are downright huge — and Cador is no exception.


Cador begins with the addition of the Heretic faction, which will show up in new Heretic-themed dungeons overseen by dark masters. Another big change with the update is Albion Online’s new death mechanic, which allows players who run out of health a chance to get back on their feet before dying for good. An opposing player or mob then needs to move in for an execution, resulting in an additional strategic component in battles. Armor has been recategorized, a fame bonus mechanic has been introduced, and over 25 new abilities have been added to the game.

Sandbox Interactive said that Cador’s progress will allow the team to focus on adding more ability choices to weapons and lays the groundwork for the upcoming PvP reputation system. Good for your improvement?

Albion Online: Content Update Cador

Sandbox Interactive has unleashed the Cador update to Albion Online that brings a number of big changes to the game including a overhauled UI, new bosses and dungeons. Content is available for both single players and groups.


PvP and PvE players will also be challenged to more strategic game play with the addition of the new death mechanic that brings the “knock down” system on board that gives players the opportunity to revive themselves by slowly regenerating health. Successfully reviving sees a return to battle on the spot, though it is still possible for enemies to slay the player prior to gaining enough hit points to rise.

New Death Mechanic
Cador sees a new Death Mechanic that will have a player knocked down first, when their hit points run out first. An opposing player or mob then needs to move in for an execution, resulting in an additional strategic component in battles.

Mobile Repair Kits
A new furniture item, Repair Kits, get introduced. They are furniture items that you can place practically anywhere in the world that will then serve as a convenient repair station. Their functionality is more limited than that of a full-fledged stationary one, the repair costs are higher and they only have a limited lifetime – but the convenience they offer more than make up for it.

Armor Rework
The armor system has been simplified to improve the readability so our players more easily know what’s what. Cloth Armor will always be light, Leather Armor will always be medium and Plate Armor will always be heavy.

New Dungeons
Two new types of dungeons have been introduced to the game. The Mines and the Shanties are Heretic-themed and offer the gateway dungeon experience to low-tier solo players and small groups. Naturally, they come with new bosses and news mobs.