Albion Online Tips of Chicken Kiss Battles

Chicken Kiss have established a name for themselves during Closed Beta, standing as a firm stakeholder in the West. However, immediate sources from the guild confirm that sporadic battles have been taking place over the past few weeks. Kyljys, the War Master of Chicken Kiss, provided us with a first-hand glimpse of their most recent skirmishes against their rivals.


“Our main rivals at the moment are certainly WarLegend and Money Guild. We have had a number of encounters in the open world, typically resulting in a large-scale battle. Overall, the fights have been really entertaining back-and-forth battles. Simply put, you win some, you lose some,”Kyljys explained.

Apparently, these large scale battles have been cultivated in attempts to sustain control over crucial real-estate in the world. Namely castles, which provide boons for any guild in the form of currency.

We asked him how exactly they would gain control of the situation and if they had any unspoken alliances that would support Chicken Kiss in the endeavor. His response was firm. “We haven’t been in an alliance for a while because we simply feel that we don’t really need one.”

Although they currently aren’t adopting any support in the form of an alliance, Chicken Kiss has been in numerous alliances in the past for a variety of reasons.


“The most recent alliance we were in was the SSS alliance, which included Echo of Silence, The Covenant and Valhalla. The goal for the alliance was to control the black zones, ¬†and push into Festerfoss. Overall, we succeeded pretty well; we pushed Money Guild into Festerfoss and meanwhile, our allies controlled the rest of the black zones in the West.”

Despite Chicken Kiss no longer being part of the alliance, they set out to show exactly what the guild was capable of and achieved their goal in that regard. They have not only managed to break into Festerfoss, but have also proven they can compete in the top Guilds vs. Guild battles.

In more recent news, Chicken Kiss and Money Guild have come to terms with one another, and have derived a stringent non-aggression pact in order to direct their goals elsewhere.

“Even though we fight Money Guild almost every day in the open world, we are currently in a non-aggression pact in regards to sending Guild vs. Guild attacks towards one another.”

Clearly busy with his duties as War Master, Kyljys was cut short on time for our dialogue. We asked him one final question before letting him get back into the action. What does the near future hold for Chicken Kiss?

Without much else to explain, Kyljys was adamant that Chicken Kiss has been, and will continue to conquer their objectives.

“The focal point of the guild for this beta has been to compete with the best GvG teams on the server. I think we have succeeded in that regard fairly well. At the very least, the French wing of Chicken Kiss has. Now, we just have to make the other wings of Chicken Kiss just as capable and we’ll be as strong as ever,”Kyljys concluded the interview.

Albion Online Guides to Have Many Territories in GvG

Having many territories is a huge benefit. It also needs to have some downsides. Let us divide these challenges into internal and external challenges.




Internal challenges of controlling huge swaths of land

  • Upkeep cost of territories
  • Other things. In general, the internal downsides has to do with organization. A super well organized guild will mitigate these downsides

External challenges of controlling huge swaths of land

  • Due to the guild’s size, more guilds might be interested in the land. They will therefore have to fight more GvG’s (and/or contest more sieges when those are implemented)
  • Due to the above, they will also have to have more GvG teams, since one GvG team can’t defend a new territory 10 maps away from the first territory they defended (this is one of the counters to a big guild)

The thing I am talking about is the (2). If (1) was the only downside, then in theory, one GvG team can defend a whole lot of land if they spread their timers out properly.
When the lockout and fake attacks are in the game, the guilds controlling a ton of land have to have several functioning GvG teams. This in itself makes it easier to take their land and increases the possibility that the guild controlling a lot of land will implode under its own weight.

Don’t get me wrong. I think sending fake attacks (and attacks in general) should be much more expensive.
And I also think that a GvG team should be able to fight more GvG’s in the same area. Right now they can only “jump” 1 time. If they could jump 2 or 3 times during one lockout, it would make it possible for one GvG team to defend a bit more territory, and it’d make the lockout/fake attacks less punishing.

But removing the possibility of fake attacking altogether, or to remove the GvG lockout, would move the game is a bad direction. We need a system in place that promotes smaller guilds by making it harder to control huge swaths of land.