Poll: Do You Like the PvP in Albion Online?

The game is brilliant until now. I liked the gathering, the crafting, the building, the leveling, hell even the farming. Resources are a little tedious though, having to start from tier 1 to tier 2 to tier 3 etc instead of just making tier 3 from the tier 3 resource. And farms take way to long to produce a crop.


But I’ve now just realised that I’m forced to do PvP to progress higher than tier 6? What on earth was the thinking behind that? Or was the intention to have a PvP game where that’s all there is, and severely limit the target market of players.

I hate PvP and it isn’t fun (pvp in my opinion belongs in FPS and MOBA’s), especially when the PvP isn’t 1 on 1, it’s who has the biggest best equipped group usually wins which clearly is the intention with the red zones and higher.

So how am I supposed to progress to the max tier, including gathering so I’m excluding the AH, when I have no desire at all to even duel someone never mind PvP?

If I were to go try and gather in a red zone to get the materials needed to progress, I’d eventually die to a player and lose all my gear, oh what fun that would be.

This game would be sweet if PvP was just something you could do in limited zones so the people that actually like dying and losing all of their gear when that happens can go do PvP. And the people who have no interest at all in PvP can go gather, farm, and craft until their hearts are content.

Since this is a suggestion board; 2 servers, 1 with PvP as is and another server with PvP limited to a small number of zones.

The PvE server could be filled with dangerous monsters or something to replace the dangers of players and the higher tier resources wouldn’t be hidden behind a frustrating wall of forced PvP.

The people who wanted to do PvP on the server would also use the weapons/armor etc on the AH which would keep the market spinning.

Or if you’re dead set on having 1 server then make another continent completely cut off from the other continent for the PvE idea.

You could also limit tiers I guess for each zone, in order to attack a player you have to be wearing the tier that matches the zone, at least this would stop high level people ganking lower level people. It wouldn’t stop 10 people ganking the individual player though.
Now obviously there’s going to be a lot of people that enjoy it at is, and I’m sure the game is going to be pretty successful but there’s got to be more people that are like me and just love gathering, crafting and making money and don’t like PvP. So unless the people that are like me are catered for (for lack of a better word/phrase) then the player base isn’t going to be anywhere near what it could be. I don’t know what sort of percentage of people that would agree with me make up but it’s not going to be a insignificant number especially when you consider the total possible size of the player base.

Honestly, until this game changes (if it even does) I’m not recommending any of my friends (they’re the same as me) to play it (I’ll happily recommend them to play if it does). I know I’m just 1 person and my few friends don’t compare to the bulk of players but I can’t be alone in thinking this and many many others will be put off entirely just as I have.

And before anyone says it, I obviously have 2 options as is: Stay at tier 6 and pretend it’s endgame or stop playing entirely.

New PvP modes Needed for Solo/Casual Players

I really like this game but I want to play with some more options. Something like battlegrounds or arena or something – for solo play in a pvp sense (or maybe small group).


Right now it doesn’t seem like the game makes that possible. It seems like the model is right now to put in a thousand hours or so, and then try to join a pvp/guild zerg. I know I won’t stick around if that is all there is, and there are many more people like me I’d guess. Yes, I know there are people who can and will commit on average 4+ hours a day, but its just not possible for all of us. I hesitate to say anything because of the flaming I may get in response, but some of us can’t commit to the game in terms of a part time job – we have shit to do in our own lives.

Albion seems great with crafting, and does a good job of making a grind not seem too terrible. But to be viable in pvp there is simply too much of a time requirement, and it seems to be too zerg like once you hit that level. Some of us like to solo, like pvp, and don’t have massive amounts of time. I know, the response is probably going to be’this game isn’t for you then.

Half the fun of the game of this game is figured out the little niches to the game. Like how to avoid zergs. How to track people in game, Mechanics of combat. How to counter certain builds. How to safely farm any area. The list for this goes on and on. The only way to learn these things is by doing them. Which everytime i see someone like you complaining about it being a zergfest, or always dieing clearly don’t think about any of this and its seems like you just want a boring click button grindfest. Which is why you guys get the go back to WOW scrub comments all the time. Because the things i just mention’d really don’t take much to figure out. Once you get those basic How to’s down you can roam around solo or in small groups 2-4 people and have all sorts of fun.

Albion Online Solo PvP Video

There is a Albion Online Solo PVP video, I hope you enjoy it.


Albion seems great with crafting, and does a good job of making a grind not seem too terrible. But to be viable in pvp there is simply too much of a time requirement, and it seems to be too zerg like once you hit that level. Some of us like to solo, like pvp, and don’t have massive amounts of time.



The Best PvP Gear for Some Circumstances

I have bought the founder’s pack and I’m reaching the point where the wipe is becoming too much. I don’t want to gather so much or kill so many mobs that I can use T8 Gear/Tools and then have to lose it all.

So I figure I’ll just figure out the best PvP gear, slowly make my way to T5 or maybe T6 if I really feel like it, and just spend my days PvPing.
So with that in mind what would be the best PvP gear to equip for the following circumstances:

  • 1v1 Duel’s
  • 5v5’s in Hellgates/GvG
  • Red Zone surprise attacks to insta-kill someone as fast as possible and take their shit, and not give them any opportunity to run away

Just to clarify I meant what gear combinations would be best in each of the given circumstances, meaning that if Claws are best for 1v1 duels, I understand that they might not be best for 5v5’s, and that there is a different build that is best for 5v5’s.

For 5v5 the most important thing isn’t individual builds, it’s their comp and how they synergise with each other.

For Red Zone ganking, if you’re going after one or two people then claws is also pretty decent because of the suppress mechanic. Warbow is also decent, as you have good damage above T6 and can kite really well. But again, unless you want to solo (in which case I recommend warbow) then you should check with your group for which role is usually most needed.