Albion Online Tips about the Throwing Weapons

Today I will write down some thoughts and skills that I think, fit this unique weapon type.

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Certainly a more common weapon. They come in all forms and shapes and can be used for precise throws. I also experienced some throwing action with steel knives (went poorly :), and hope to lead this in the right direction.


  • Rapid assault: throws multiple knives in succession on the target (medium-high dmg, fast skill recovery, may hit additional enemy nearby for less dmg)
  • Vital spot: quickly throws a knife at vital spots, to reduce movement speed (medium dmg, fast skill, that slowly wears down the movement speed of an enemy)
  • Dip in Poison: Cotes a couple of knives in poison, to increase dmg and/or inflict x status effect (bleed, paralyses, sleep …)
  • edit: Make use of an energy drain effect, that saps the enemy’s Energy with each hit
  • Aim for the throat: well aimed throw to silence the enemy (medium dmg, silence)
  • Fan it: use all your readied knives, to cover an area with them (medium dmg, aoe)
  • edit: (maybe) make use of a ricochet effect (still under discussion)


The knives seem well suited as a starter weapon. They are light weight and can be thrown quickly, but lack overall dmg, compared to axes. Their role should evolve around skill shot and harassing the enemy. Being a sneaky sidearm for rogues or a fast solution for specialized warriors.

Knife shape should increase with tier level. Starting with small and thin needle like knives and ending in throwing machetes or something similar, that would generally hurt more.


Let us start with a quote from historian Procopius, on Throwing Axes:
“…each man carried a sword and a shield and an axe. Now the iron head of this weapon was thick and exceedingly sharp on both sides while the wooden handle was very short. And they are accustomed always to throw these axes at one signal in the first charge
and thus shatter the shields of the enemy and kill the men.”
Furthermore, Procopius states that:
“[…] the Franks threw their axes immediately before hand to hand combat with the purpose of breaking shields and disrupting the enemy line while possibly wounding or killing an enemy warrior. The weight of the head and length of the haft would allow the axe to be
thrown with considerable momentum to an effective range of about 12 m (40 ft). Even if the edge of the blade were not to strike the target, the weight of the iron head could cause injury. The francisca also had a psychological effect, in that, on the throwing of the francisca, the enemy might turn and run in the fear that another volley was coming”

Considering Throwing Axes, they were handled at medium range and could break shields and cause serious wounds. I did throw some steel axes myself and would readily support these claims.

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  • My proposal would be, to give Throwing Axes skills, that serve the described purpose at hand;
  • Wound: causes the enemy to bleed for x seconds (medium dmg, fast skill recovery, bleed)
    edit: Fear: causes the enemy to retreat in fear for x seconds (medium dmg, moderate skill recovery)
  • Heavy Throw: a quick and strong throw (medium-high dmg, fast skill recovrey, no other effect)
  • Shield breaker: a well aimed throw, that ignores x amount of target’s physical defense (high dmg skill shot)
  • Aim for the head: a well aimed throw, that deals medium dmg and stuns the target for x seconds (medium dmg, cc skill shot)

Looking at a thrown axe, i believe that it serves a good role at dealing medium to high damage, with it’s utility concentrating around bleed, armor bypassing (shield breaking) and irritating the enemy at a medium range.

I like the idea of getting something unique, if you specialize into something. For Throwing Axes, i would love to see high level tiers become 2h axes, being thrown over head.

I haven’t seen any real Hammers being used as throwing weapons and it might just be an idea, but a strong warrior could certainly throw a hammer head instead of an axe. Now what differences should we expect? More trauma like damage (concussion) and broken bones? Maybe simply go with that:

  • Hit the leg: quick throw at the legs of your opponent, crippling movement speed (medium dmg, good slow, fast skill)
    edit: Charged hammer, raises the hammer too call upon the might of the sky. Shortly afterwards the hammer will be thrown in a line, knockinback all enemies in the line and reducing their movementspeed.
  • Hit it hard: well prepared power throw at anything in front of you (high dmg, long cd heavy hitter. Maybe with short stun)
  • Hit it high: well aimed throw at the head (high dmg, concussion = enemys skills recharge slower, medium cd)
  • Make some noise: hit two hammer heads against each other to interrupt the concentration of nearby enemies (no dmg, aoe spell interrupt, medium cd)

No one wants to be hit by a hammer… really. There should be game changing consequences, like irritating masses or picking out one enemy to break his legs with your hammers. I believe this just might work right with the skill set.

Dwarfen 2h hammer as highest tier weapon (with a short shaft).. maybe.

Most of this stuff is not new and just recycled from the last beta. I believe that these weapons do have a purpose in AO, especially when looking at the Axe throwing barbarians. I would love to see them back in action and with more versatile roles. If you have anything to add, please do.

What Should Monster’s Drop do in Albion Online?

I have seen in several post where people mentioned item drops from monsters, so I thought we could discuss about this matter. Does monster drop enough different kind of stuff or should there be more variations? What else they could drop besides silver and some suplement crafting material? Or are current drops good enough?

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Just grinding silver/fame in same dungeons over and over again gets really boring at some point and maybe that’s why the monsters could drop also something else. It can be something with low or extremely low droprate, but maybe that way the expectation gets a little bit higher, when you are thinking at entrance, that this is the night. I am not talking about anything pointless crab, but something cool, really good and extremely rare. And I don’t mean that every common monster or humanoid should drop something more or maybe they could, but with negligible change. Mainly I was thinking extra drops from powerful creatures or bosses.

Maybe some vanity items, but what kind? Maybe more something related to mounts, more faction stuff..

Maybe something that could advance open world pvp conlifcts, like a treasure maps to red/black zones for example. It would be ideal if pve and pvp could support and feed each other.

I don’t want bosses to drop usable weapons and armor or at most some faction gear, like there is something already. What if bosses might drop legenday ruined armor or weapon, that you could salvage to good crafting stuff, like you salvage everything else? Or maybe something you can repair with huge price? Or combine ruined gear to other ruined gear to reforge something?

Are there already some items that shouldn’t drop from monsters?

Albion Online Guide on Making the Broadsword a Useful Weapon

Actually, I’m pretty upset about the current state of the weapon. While the Update Cador patch did help things a little, the broadsword, and .1 Warrior weapons in general, are still far too weak to be “viable”.

The current problems I face with the broadsword are that while the DPS is a bit better than the hammer, the hammer has much more control, much more +hp, and with the addition of heavy cleave, can now do much greater AE damage with it’s single target DPS not far behind the broadsword.



I think there are several ways to go about improving the broadsword to a state where it at least can compete with other melee weapons in PvE and PvP, as I’m of the belief that every weapon should be useful in both PvE and PvP, in their own way. So I’ll throw out some ideas.

I’m not saying ALL of these should be done, even just picking a couple of these to implement would put the broadsword in a much better place than it is now. To be clear, I don’t expect the broadsword+shield in heavy plate to ever have the DPS and killing power of a lighter geared setup, I just would like to be a bit sturdier, and able to peel players from my teammates, or hold someone down for my DPS comrades to come in and take em out, maybe have a bit more damage to put pressure on people. Right now, none of those things are really possible.

Also keep in mind, these numbers are from my tier 6 broadsword and hammer. I’ll update this list once I’m able to use higher tiers, though it’s gonna be a while since almost nobody wants a broadsword user in their group.

  • Increase the amount of +health on the broadsword, right now it’s hundreds below the hammer and mace, and even though the battleaxe has about the same amount, with the self-heals on the axe its effective health is considerably greater.
  • Increase the damage all around, right now the hammer and mace are able to heavy cleave for several hundred on many opponents at once, while the broadsword can usually only hit for 300 on a low armor single target with a fully charged mighty blow.
  • Increase the movement speed bonus of Heroic Strike by about 3 or 4% per charge.
  • Add a stun effect to Mighty Blow that scales up with charges of Heroic Strike, perhaps 2-3 seconds with 1 charge, 5-6 seconds with 2 charges, and 8-9 seconds with 3 charges.
  • Add a silence effect to Interrupt.
  • Add a bleed effect to cleave, perhaps make the bleed damage do 100% of the initial damage over 2 seconds.
  • Increase the snare % and/or duration of Hamstring, perhaps add a short root followed by the snare.

I hope one day we can all use the weapon we want and be able to be effective.

Comparison of the Q Ability and W Ability in Albion Online

I want to love the quarterstaff, but the Iron-Clad outclasses it in every way. Unlike most other .1 weapons, the Quarterstaff does not get the offhand slot to help compensate  for the lesser damage of like skills among its tree. I will list the comparison of the two weapons. All of these will be of the T4 type.


Q Ability: Concussive Blow
The Quarterstaff (QS) does 178 damage whereas the Iron-Clad (IC) does 198 damage. The Iron-Clad is a straight up upgrade here.
W Ability: Stun Run

  • The Quarterstaff and iron-clad both boost movement speed for the same amount and duration, but the iron-clad has over a half second longer stun(QS 4.85sec vs IC 5.37sec). As a weapon whose primary reason in PvP is CC, the IC wins here.

W Ability: Empowered Slam

  • The QS does 322 damage whereas the IC does 357 damage. This is a small difference, however as stated before, the primary reason for the QS line is stunning. Most people will take Stun Run over Empowered Slam when it comes to PvP.

W Ability: Heavy Cleave (Iron-Clad only and double-bladed staff only)

  • This attack does 761 damage, same 15 sec cool down as Empowered Slam, but has a 1 second casting time. Both this and Empowering slam are nice if you already have a pure stunner, but again is mostly ignored due to Stun Run.

E Ability: Forceful Swing (Quarterstaff only)

  • This is an instant cast push back attack that pushes back enemies in 360 degrees around the caster. It also does a fair 134 damage. It has a great 10 second cool down timer,  but also costs 37 mana to use.

E Ability: Hurricane (Iron-Clad)

  • This is just like Forceful Swing as a push back ability. The difference that makes this ability so much more powerful is it spins, pushes back, and damages all targets for 4  solid seconds (and the duration scales). The ability not only does 62 damages every time it hits a target (which will tick every second for 4 seconds), but you can also move  while this ability is being used for its duration. To top it off, it only cost 1 mana more than Forceful Swing. The one and only downfall is it’s a 20 second cool down but is  lessened by the fact that the cool down starts upon activation.

Other than the fact that the Q and W abilities does straight up more damage on the iron-clad, the E ability is where it steps far ahead. It does more damage over time  (especially if you can keep pushing them into a wall), has more chances to interrupt the enemy (which is the main reason to use any weapon in the quarterstaff line), and won’t drain your mana nearly as much as the quarterstaff. I suggest improving the quarterstaff by:

  • Double Forceful Swing’s damage. This gives the QS a more damage role than the IC. It doesn’t make it as strong of CC as the IC, but it will give the QS the ability to do damage
    as well.
  • Reduce Forceful Swing’s mana. The QS runs out of mana really quickly if you’re trying to interrupt. The IC doesn’t as quickly because of Hurricane’s cool down, but Hurricane
    also will interrupt 4 or more times as much as Forceful Swing.
  • Make Forceful Swing stun or slow as well. This may make QS OP by interrupting and stun/slow, but there’s also a reason it’s never used over the iron-clad.

How to Rank All Non-Support Weapons

For today’s topic, I’d like to put the emphasis on how to ranking all non-support weapons. Here we go:



  • Broadsword: 3/10
  • Only saving grace is the double interrupt. But Damage is awful even for a tank weapon, and with no other CC, you will rarely be able to get close to those you need to interrupt.
  • Claymore: 4/10
    Both E’s give a moderate amount of damage, but still suffer from the lack of mobility.
  • Glaive: 6/10
    Same damage as rest of Sword line, but Fling is both and interrupt, peel, and offensive pull. Started off weak, but due to a damage and distance buff on E, it is much better.


  • Battleaxe: 2/10
    Offers up no utility or damage. Among the worst weapons in the game. Part of the problem is the weapon itself, the other part is the horribleness that is offhands.
  • Greataxe: 7/10
    Offers best AoE melee damage, second best AoE damage next to Glacial, but it is harder to avoid the Whirlwind.
  • Scythe: 7/10
    Where Greataxe has AoE, Scythe has single target. Part of its problem is that the healing reduction seems to be bugged.


  • Mace: 5/10
    Great single target CC but is outshined by the Heavy Mace who gives up a damage for a better CC.
  • Heavy Mace: 7/10
    Tied for second for best tank and control weapon. The AoE Silence can turn fights.
  • Flail: 2/10
    This is one of those items that is basically another item but worse. It provides the same thing that Mace does, single target CC, but worse.


  • Hammer: 5/10
    Radius of E is a bit too small, and is handicapped by offhands, but overall it is a great control weapon.
  • Polehammer: 6/10
    Basically the same as Hammer but with a bit more reach.
  • Great Hammer:7/10
    Used to be really bad, but now it very good. Basically turns area around him into slush.


  • Crossbow: 4/10
    Outshined in every way by Heavy and Repeating Crossbow.
  • Heavy Crossbow: 5/10
    Outshined by Repeating.
  • Repeating Crossbow: 9/10
    A powerhouse weapon, instant AoE that deals damage comparable to most single target abilities, is ranged, has self peels, and an insane Q.


  • Bows: 4/10
    Decent single target damage, but brings nothing to the table.
  • Warbow: 5/10
    Used to be great, but now the E is easily dodge-able and only AoE if all enemies collectively decide to stand ontop of each other. Great Choice in Qs, and a good W.
  • Longbow: 6/10
    Can be devestating in certain comps, but overall it will be akin to a non-moving blizzard once blizzard is no longer bugged.


  • Spear: 7/10
    It is good, even with the bad offhands. It is basically a Ranged Weapon with great AoE, decent CC, and good burst.
  • Pike: 6/10
    A one trick pony that has a huge CD on its one trick.
  • Halberd: 9/10
    Insane and instant burst, great AoE, great CC.


  • Dagger: 1/10
    Worst Weapon in the Game. Zero redeeming qualities.
  • Dagger Pair: 3/10
    Good burst that is impossible to actually use. With no other utility to speak of.
  • Claw: 5/10
    Similar to Pike, it is a one trick pony with a long CD, but unlike Pike, Claws are easily countered by almost every weapon/armor.


  • Quarterstaff: 4/10
    Great weapon but, the Iron-Clad does everything it does but better.
  • Iron-Clad: 10/10
    Best tanking/CC item in the game, hands down, zero competition. Good Q, great choices in W, and an insane and annoying E.
  • Double-Bladed: 7/10
    All the awesomeness that is Quarterstaves, but it more tuned to open world and solo fun.

Fire Staff:

  • Fire Staff: 4/10
    Great single target damage and utility but suffers from a long cast time that are easily avoided given its range.
  • Great Fire Staff: 5/10
    Huge AoE, a bit more utility, but suffers from avoidability due to cast time and telegraph.
  • Infernal: 6/10
    Awesome open world damage, less useful the smaller the group gets.

Frost Staff:

  • Frost Staff: 5/10
    Go Glacial or Go home. Short Range, limited zoning potential and CC.
  • Great Frost Staff: 6/10
    Good Zoning, Good CC, Good AoE.
  • Glacial: 10/10
    Best AoE in the Game, due to a bug, if the bug is fixed it would be more of a 8/10 weapon.

Curse Staff:

  • Curse Staff: 8/10
    Best single target in the game. Iceblock, Invisibility, or Cleanse needs to be burned or you die.
  • Great Curse Staff: 6/10
    Decent AoE and Utility, outshined on all accounts by Demonic.
  • Demonic Staff: 8:10
    Awesome AoE, Awesome Single Target, Awesome Utility



There are clearly standout items, the problem with these standout items is that they totally eclipse all other times. It would be one thing if they were 10-15% better than the average item, but they are 50-100% better. This creates two problems, firstly, the run of the mill item is now relative garbage, the second problem is the below average item might as well not be in the game.

Right now the (Bugged) Glacial, Iron-Clad, Halberd, Repeating Crossbow are all too good. With all of this overpoweredness coming from their E’s.

Curse Staves on the other hand are powerful mostly because of their Armor Piercer and Curse Beam Ws.

The Dagger Branch is all just bad; Bad Q, Bad W, Bad Es.

Sword Branch is similarly bad, but for different reasons, where Daggers have problems with the way abilities function, Swords just have problem with Damage Numbers.

Battleaxe, Frost Staff, Fire Staff, Quarterstaff, Bow, Crossbow, and Mace all suffer from their only real utility being mimicked and outmatched by weapons further down their line or in another tree altogether.

Many One-Handed Weapons suffer from weaknesses from offhands, though the shield change might address some of these problems.

Overall, any melee weapon without a sprint, charge, or movement based damage ability is bad. Part of this problem is the fact that for every auto-attack and ability cast, the melee have to stop and then resume the chase after losing ground from stopping. Melee either need to not root themselves for abilities, or autoattacks, or have a movement speed passive on the base weapons similar to the health and health regen they already have.

Design Direction for New Hunter Weapons

Today I’m going to try and focus these weapons around combos/skill-shots as I feel those are the direction PVP needs to go.


Here is the design direction for each specific weapon!

Double Pistols – Single Target sustained DPS, tank destroyer
Shotgun – AoE sustained DPS, very in your face back line destroyer, high risk high reward
Sniper – Single Target Burst, long range, weak up close


PASSIVE 1 – Haste: 20% Chance to increase move speed by 15% on attack. (Same as torch)
PASSIVE 2 – Aggression: Auto attacks deal 10% more damage. (Same as daggers)

Q1- Incendiary shot: Load and fire an explosive bullet in the targeted direction, damaging and igniting the first enemy hit, dealing magic damage overtime. 7s CD

Q2- Frost shot: Load and fire a cryogenic bullet in the targeted direction, damaging and slowing the first enemy hit. 5s CD

Q3- Charged shot: Load and fire an electrically charged bullet in the targeted direction, damaging and silencing the first enemy hit for 2s. 7s CD
W1- Smoke grenade: Lob a smoke grenade at the targeted area, enemies inside the smoke cannot see outside and vice versa. 4 second duration. 20 second CD. This ability interacts with each of the Q’s.
–Q1: The smoke ignites and explodes, dealing damage and igniting all enemies within.
–Q2: The smoke condenses and slows all enemies who stay within the field by 60%.
–Q3: The electric charge leaks into the smoke, damaging and silencing everyone inside.

W2- Quickdraw: Dash forward while shooting a bullet in a target direction, if the bullet hits, the cooldown of Quickdraw is reduced to one second and the cooldowns of all other abilities are reduced by 1 second. 7s CD.

1.Double Pistols

Attack Damage: 75 (This is arbitrary, but imagine Bows at 100 as a baseline)
Attack Speed: 1.5 (Once again, bows baseline at 1)
DPS: 112.5 (Bows baseline 100)
Range: 9 (Bows being 11)

Armour Piercing Rounds: For the next 8s, increase your attack speed by 50% and your autos deal and additional 7.5% of your targets max health as magic damage. 30s CD.


Attack Damage: 180 (This is arbitrary, but imagine Bows at 100 as a baseline)
Attack Speed: 0.8 (Once again, bows baseline at 1)
DPS: 144 (Bows baseline 100)
Range: 5 (Bows being 11)

Blunderbuss: A large explosion erupts from your shotgun, damaging and pushing back all enemies in a cone in front of you, the damage and knock back is greater the closer they are to you. 30s CD.


Attack Damage: 220 (This is arbitrary, but imagine Bows at 100 as a baseline)
Attack Speed: 0.5 (Once again, bows baseline at 1)
DPS: 110 (Bows baseline 100)
Range: 13 (Bows being 11)

Hunker Down: Become rooted, and for 6 seconds your range is increased to 16 your attack speed by 100% and your auto attacks deal additional damage based on the distance of the target (up to 200%). 30s CD.

New Weapons and Armor Skills in Albion Online

This is a compilation of the new weapon/armor skills that are currently on the staging server. I’m just adding stuff to the lists as I look them over for my own interest.If they change the skills again on the staging server, I probably won’t see it. This thread was last edited this week.


Quick reference for armor skills:

Shared abilities
D1: Emergency Heal – Instantly heals yourself, and allies within 3m, for X
D2: Stoneskin – Increases Armor and Magic Resist by X and healing recieved, for 10s
Soldier line (.1)
D3: Energy Shield – Applies an energy shield on yourself for 10s. Every time you take damage, you restore energy.
Knight line (.2)
D3: Block – Blocks all incoming damage for 2s.
Guardian line (.3)
D3: Sacrifice – Restores 20% health of an ally, and reduces your health by 15%. Can also be cast on yourself.
Shared abilities
D1: Meditation – Cooldown reduction
D2: Cleanse – Removes CC from you
Mercenary line (.1)
D3: Howl – Slow enemies in a cone in front of you by 30% for Xs, and deal Y magic damage.
Hunter line (.2)
D3: Bear Trap – Places a trap under your feet. First enemy to walk over it is slowed by (90%) and takes (71) damage per second for 4 seconds.
Assassin line (.3)
D3: Smokebomb – Place a smokebomb under your feet. You are invisile inside the smokebomb, and all targets (you, allies, enemies) inside the smoke are silenced. Lasts 5s, 6m radius.
Shared abilities
D1: Energy Regain –
D2: Force Field – Knocks all enemies around you away, damaging them.
Scholar line (.1)
D3: Disruption immunity – Immune to spell pushback for 10s, but can still be hard interrupted.
Cleric line (.2)
D3: Ice Block –
Mage line (.3)
D3: Poison – Coat your weapon with poison. Your next auto attack will poison the enemy, dealing (86) damage per second for 5 seconds.

Shared abilities
R1: Mend Woulds – As long as you are not in combat, You can use this spell to mend wounds.
R2: Inferno Shield – You will be covered by a flaming shield, which will increase your resistances by X, and reflect 50% of incoming damage back to the attacker for 8s.
Soldier line (.1)
R3: Bloodlust – Every time you damage an enemy, you heal yourself for X. Lasts for 10s or 15 hits.
Knight line (.2)
R3: Mind Wall – Casts a lasting wind wall in front of you, lasting 4s, which knocks back all enemies hit by it.
Guardian line (.3)
R3: Enfeeble Aura – Reduces all damage done by all enemies within 7m of you by 60%. This aura lasts for 5 seconds.
Shared abilities
R1: Mend Woulds – As long as you are not in combat, You can use this spell to mend wounds.
R2: Fury – 10% damage bonus every time you get damaged (stacks up to 8 times). The buff lasts for 10s.
Mercenary line (.1)
R3: Electric Field – Unleashes an electric field around you, dealing (63) damage twice per second to everu enemy around you. The field lasts 8s.
Hunter line (.2)
R3: Haste – Increases your movement speed by 35% and attack speed by 60%, for 8s.
Assassin line (.3)
R3: Ambush – Turn invisible for 5s, with a 20% reduced move speed. Attacking or casting a spell breaks the invisibility, but that attack or spell willl have increased damage. The longer you were invisible, the stronger the damage buff, up to 50%.
Shared Abilities
R1: Mend Woulds – As long as you are not in combat, You can use this spell to mend wounds.
R2: Frost Shield – Your armor and magic resist are increased by (167) for 8s. Enemies that attack you are slowed by 20% for (5) seconds. 10% of incoming damage is reflected back to the attacker.
Scholar line (.1)
D3: Speed Caster – Doubles your cast speed by 8s, but reduces the power of your spells by X.
Cleric line (.2)
D3: Everlasting Spirit – If you get damaged during Everlasting Spirit and your hp drops below 30%, you become invulnerable for 3s, and your damage is increased by 30%.
Mage line (.3)
D3: Berserker – Your damage is increased by 5%. The less health you have upon activation, the larger the increase. Ranges from 5% increase to 100% increase.


Shared abilities
F1: Flee
F2:Rejuvenating Sprint
Soldier line (.1)
F3: Sprint Shield –
Knight line (.2)
F3: Shield Charge – Charge towards an ally or enemy. After the charge, you apply a shield to yourself and allies in close proximity. Shield lasts 10s.
Guardian line (.3)
F3: Giant – Temporarily increase your max and current hitpoints by 50% for 8s.
Shared abilities
F1: Flee
F2: Refreshing Sprint
Mercenary line (.1)
F3: Invisibility – Turn invisible, and reveal all invisible targets in a 15m radius around you. You stay invisible for as long as you keep channelling, for up to 20s. Not useable in combat.
Hunter line (.2)
F3: Rush – 120% move speed for 3s.
Assassin line (.3)
F3: Dodge – Dodge roll to the cursor’s position. You are invincible during the roll, and after the roll, your move speed incraeses by 40% for 4s.
Shared Abilities
F1: Flee
F2: Energetic Sprint
Scholar line (.1)
F3: Run – 50% move speed for 7s
Cleric line (.2)
F3: Blink –
Mage line (.3)
F3: Delayed Teleport – Choose a ground target within 15m. 2s after activation, you will be teleported to the desired position