Albion Online: Firmly Idea – Gateway Dungeons

A new dungeon mechanics is integrated by the MMORPG, in order to satisfy fans of classic open-world dungeons as well as instances. In classic dungeons of an MMORPG, along with all the other players who have entered the MMORPG, you are on the road with them, first of all, It may leads to a feeling that the dungeons is really part of the game world, followed by, it brings some problems with it as well.


Monster groups or bosses form snakes, the so-called respawn camping. At the same time, all players are waiting for the opponents to show up again, so the next group can complete the mob. In addition, another player can spoil the fun by “spoiling”, which still lurks in the dungeon. Controversy about prey can also break out. For Albion players, it’s time to buy cheap albion online silver.

Instances, on the other hand, enable the group to act in a well-established group and to explore the dungeon in peace and quiet. But this is then separated from the rest of the world and demarcated. In Albion Online these two mechanics are now to be linked. So far, there are the classical dungeons but also the so-called Hellgates, which lead to instances. In addition, you will also find the so-called gateway dungeons in the game.

Albion Online Morgana These are classic open-world dungeons, where you will be with many other players. In the dungeon, you’ll find the Gatekeeper. If you defeat this, a gate is opened, which leads to an instance where you are dealing with dangerous monsters, but can also get very valuable booty.

A gateway always leaves five players, to that end, for those who the Albion Online developers have the capable of tailor, a particularly excting experience was given by them, The gateways so far come so well with the fans of the MMORPGs Albion Online that the developers will gradually replace the older dungeons against these gateways. To that end, How to the option of cheap albion online gold?

Albion Online Update: Faye Update

It’s said to that the MMORPG promises a real sandbox gameplay, Albion Online, we will be sees a new update to enrich a world already well supplied. It was named for FAYE. In the meantime, this one brings its batch of innovations while the developers have pushed the end of the beta until next summer. Cheap gold for sale, including cheap albion online gold.

We start with the new Biome “Forest”. This new environment contains 3 important resources: skin, wood and stone. It also uses the same danger markers: green, red and dead, with the atmosphere darkening accordingly. Two factions populate the forests, the Guardians and the Heretics, but there are also special creatures (spirits of different natures), as well as large fauna (wolves, wild boars, foxes, rabbits and bears). Amazing detail, some of them can loot their offspring that you can raise yourself.

We continue with other changes and innovations that are less obvious but that are important. There is something new for the guilds, they can compete more easily via the royal islands. Players can have fun with new emotes that further enhance the social aspect of the game (applauding, dancing, crying, bandaging muscles, etc.). On the ambient side, 19 additional pieces of music are added in order to reinforce the immersion of the different zones. Cities are more joyful while dangerous areas seem more disturbing.

Developers do not forget to animate their world according to the seasons with the arrival of Christmas decorations and a special mission in the dungeons of Guardian. The farming is made a little less painful with the possibility of descending of mount while keeping the bonus of charge, unless attacked or to go away a little too much. Another interesting point with the mount is that it takes the damage when you are attacked, until you go down or die.

T4 players can obtain essences for refining by killing faction enemies. These can be changed to Runes. And since we talk about transmutation, you no longer need Transmutator, the operation is done in the refining buildings. The guards (NPCs) are replaced by towers located at the entrance of the cities in PvP zones to attack the bandits, that is to say to the players who assaulted a “non-bandit” player, even if his reputation was Positive. Your buildings are degrading now, so they have to be maintained or restored.

Ultimately, a new function is also introduced, Badge. We can active it via the configuration inferface, in addition, the badges of a players will be able to revealed, you will be see it in advance who comes in your direction as well as take the necessary measures. Notably, Frost Mages as well as Mages acquires 2 new spells: Frost Ray and Cursed Sickle. For all this are added of course some improvements as well as correction of various bugs, more this update FAYE, of which you can find the details on the official site:

The First Lore Book Was Acquired By Cross Platform MMORPG Albion Online

There is no doubt that Albion Online is one of 2P’s the anticipated mobile MMORPG in 2016, for the cross platform title, it have been greatly attention, now that Albion Online as well as the author of published fantasy Peter Newman set up a deeply partnership relationship. Are you manage to buy albion gold?


In order to learn the world of Albion Online, on top of that, a exciting novel was published, it’s major to introdute the ventures of its inhabitants in both paperback as well as Ebook formats.

The book not only tells the tale of Albion Online’s world, but it also includes the adventures of some players and guilds from the actual game. It will give you a great opportunity to roam and delve into the lands of Albion even when taking some time off from playing the game itself.

Albion Online has only been in closed beta for a couple months, and you can visit our hub for more details. If you want to jump in now, you can buy one of the premium accounts on its official site. Some Albion Online set about to buy cheapest albion online silver.