Albion Online & Faye The Latest Update

Actually, When it comes to Albion Online, which is a real sandbox gameplay. At present, we can see a new update to enrich a world already well supplied. It was called FAYE, however, a batch of innovations soon to be come. Moreover, thanks to some developers, they have pushed the end of the beta until next summer.


We start with the new Biome “Forest”. This new environment contains 3 important resources: skin, wood and stone. It also uses the same danger markers: green, red and dead, with the atmosphere darkening accordingly. Two factions populate the forests, the Guardians and the Heretics, but there are also special creatures (Spirits of different natures), as well as large fauna (wolves, wild boars, foxes, rabbits and bears). Amazing detail, some of them can loot their offspring that you can raise yourself.

We continue with other changes and innovations that are less obvious but that are important. There is something new for the guilds, they can compete more easily via the royal islands. Players can have fun with new emotes that further enhance the social aspect of the game (applauding, dancing, crying, bandaging muscles, etc.). On the ambient side, 19 additional pieces of music are added in order to reinforce the immersion of the different zones. Cities are more joyful while dangerous areas seem more disturbing.

Developers do not forget to animate their world according to the seasons with the arrival of Christmas decorations and a special mission in the dungeons of Guardian. The farming is made a little less painful with the possibility of descending of mount while keeping the bonus of charge, unless attacked or to go away a little too much. Another interesting point with the mount is that it takes the damage when you are attacked, until you go down or die.

T4 players can obtain essences for refining by killing faction enemies. These can be changed to Runes. And since we talk about transmutation, you no longer need Transmutator, the operation is done in the refining buildings. The guards (NPCs) are replaced by towers located at the entrance of the cities in PvP zones to attack the bandits, that is to say to the players who assaulted a “non-bandit” player, even if his reputation was Positive. Your buildings are degrading now, so they have to be maintained or restored.

Ultimately, a new function is introduced, Badge function, we can active it via the configuration inferface, futhermore, you will able to see in advance the badge of a player who comes in your direction and take the necessary measures. For Frost Mages as well as Mages, it will be get 2 new spells. including Frost Ray and Cursed Sickle. Regarding all this are added, there are some the correction of various bugs and some improvements.

Albion Online Latest News & Trailer: A Great Faye Update Have Been Revealed

On November 23, for the Faye Update, what improvements did, in accordance to Albion online latest news, we can see this trailer for the Sandbox-MMO from Berlin. Needless to say, there is the new forest area, in there, you can gather resources,fight creatures as well as chase animals. enjoying it, and you need to buy albion online gold. Among of those area, speaking of the fifth area, currently, some players of the final beta will also meet with forestry trees, or the Forest Spirits.


In the video, we also hear excerpts from the 19 new music pieces. Also new are emotes, with which you can now exchange with other players also without words only with gestures. In addition, player mounts are now also close to the players. And other players are already displayed as small icons on the screen, so you have more time to prepare in case of any raids.

The trailer also shows the new watchtowers, which now stand between PvP and Safezones and attack lawbreakers. This of course also counts for player killer. What is not shown in the video are the Watchtower territories, where the guilds can now fight in yellow and red zones when they are not ready for the outlands. Only those who hold these towers can reduce resources in the associated areas.

More details on the content of the Faye update for Albion Online, you can go to to get more. Additionally, on the official website, you can aslo purchase an entry, with respect to its the final version, it soon to be come on 2017, and in 2016, it was presumably not released.

Albion Online & A Sandbox MMORPG Gameplay

During the some time, Albion Online is rocking combat on the bridge of the Sandbox Interactive studios. On 1st August, regarding the release on BETA final is fast approaching. For the 160,000 founders, ultimately, in recent weeks, they will be able to discover the consequent changes as well as the new functionalities that have heard. Many player are ready for buy albion gold, let’s joins them.




This will give us an overview of the new world of Albion before its official launch for this end of year 2016. While waiting for this release date, SandBox Interactive invites us, through a brand new video, to follow the journeys of a player and see how his actions impact the whole game.

In the vast world of Albion Online, the course of the story is conducted at the will of the players. Each action and behavior count as much as each direction of play. Whether one decides to become a conqueror, a great warrior, a ruthless outlaw or simply an outstanding farmer or craftsman for whom the craft No longer has a secret, everyone will have their share on the future of the territories and other players.

Regarding the impact of everyone on the community, as a result, it can’t lead to any consequences, accordingly, Albion Online is now open as well as confers a great freedom to the future player whose role will directly impact the thread of the adventure. We can discover and guide together how our role, followed by, we will soon take its place in accordance to our orientations. More silver cheap for sale like cheapest albion silver,don’t miss buy it.

Albion Online Update And Details: Black Day

When it comes to Albion Online, for the release of the new in Beta Final Version, the long-awaited Sandbox MMORPG have already launched. Ultimately, for those players who alreay successfully registered in total 160,000, they will be connect the new and resume their journey to discover the big news as well as new features of the game.




Until the last minute of the launch, the suspense was at its height, the players were more and more impatient, until the doors finally open! Forward adventurers from all walks of life and discover together what we reserve this latest release.

New systems, new features and more

The BETA Finale is finally in LIVE with its lot of good surprises. And even if for many weeks we have had access to several revelations, it is always better to discover the new brand new server with a world still unknown full of surprises. Let’s quickly review what the players are going to be facing in the next few hours.

A Revised Fate Panel

A redesigned user interface
A completely revamped GvG system for wars and conquests of even crazier territories
A brand new system of reputation, bringing the players least respectful of the royal law
Powerful and enchanted weapons newly implemented with secondary weapons and some armor sets
3 new biomes that look like steppes, swamps and mountains with specificities in terms of resources and creatures
An immense new world, divided into several territories: the Royal Islands and Farlands for heavy PvP addicts, where everything will be allowed

For the more curious, who would like to perfect their knowledge, number of articles on last updates are available on the site of Albion Online. A few things to know before you start, in particular to avoid having unpleasant surprises: Players in possession of a legendary founder pack will be able to join the new world today at 2 pm.

For the Founder’s Epic Packs, it will have to wait until August 2 at 2 pm as well as the Veterans Packs on August 3 at 2 pm. If you are full with patience, you have attempted to buying a legendary pack from the founder, in other words, in order to improve his current pack by visiting here, it’s safe to say that it’s never too late.

Albion Online & The Faye Update: Trailer Revealed

As a Sandbox game, Albion Online clearly show that the trailer of the Sandbox -MMO from Berlin. Needless to say, the new forest area will be appeared, in there, you can gather resources, fight creatures as well as chase animals. It’s worth mentioning that fifth area, at present, for the players of final beta, they will also meet with the Forest  Spirits and forestry trees.


In the video, we also hear excerpts from the 19 new music pieces. Also new are emotes, with which you can now exchange with other players also without words only with gestures. In addition, player mounts are now also close to the players.

And other players are already displayed as small icons on the screen, so you have more time to prepare in case of any raids. The trailer also shows the new watchtowers, which now stand between PvP and Safezones and attack lawbreakers. This of course also counts for player killer.

What is not shown in the video are the Watchtower territories, where the guilds can now fight in yellow and red zones when they are not ready for the outlands. Only those who hold these towers can reduce resources in the associated areas.

Are you looking forward to play Albion Online in the beta? why not buy an entry on the official websites immediately? Note that: for the final version, it soon to be come in 2017, additionally, as regards its a release in 2016 was no longer possible.

FAYE Update And More Albion Online News

Currently, Albion Online hosts its fourth big update: FAYE. Many novelties and improvements are coming. We list them below.


Improved play comfort
The function “Persistent Mount”
Appearance of a new Biome: Forests
Disappearance of the transmutation buildings.
Managing the degradation of your buildings.
Arrival of new emote commands for your character.
Music integration (19 songs created for the game).
A new “Badge” option to see come ahead of other players.
The guards of the city gates are stationed in watchtowers.
Appearance of Essences: new essential element of refining from T4.
And especially for the arrival of the winter season, Albion Online dresses up
Appearance of the malus “Bandit” for those who attack the non-bandit with handicap to the key.
Decorations and lights and gives the possibility to create a special T4 mount “Yule Deer” that is reminiscent of Santa Claus reindeer.

Albion Online: Outlaws As Well As Guard Towers Details

For the upcoming Faye update, which contains new features and a variety of content. Today, let’s talk about two of them: Guard Towers as well as the new Outlaw status. Since Albion Online is so popularity, It’s no surprise that albion online gold for sale.


The current guard system is not quite doing what we want it to do. The job of guards is to protect portals between safe zones and PvP zones, preventing so-called “city camping” groups from being successful. However, as the current guards only attack one player at the time, it is still too easy for players to camp in groups at gates, instead of venturing into the world for PvP.

Guard Towers

The existing Guard NPCs are now being aided by Guard Towers. These solid structures stand in between PvP zones and patrolled (green) zones, such as cities. Their one and only purpose is to protect the entrance from Outlaws, bombarding them with heavy artillery as soon as they are in sight. Their projectiles cannot miss and their damage is based on your maximum health pool, making sure you will lose a huge chunk of life. Are you now intend to buy cheap albion gold.

Guard Towers have the ability to attack an unlimited amount of Outlaws. Their skilled archers will even hold back an entire army, if necessary! Outlaws are not only engaged by the Guard Towers, the ever-present Guards will also step in to enforce the Royal law.

A new debuff has been added to the game: Outlaw.

Being an Outlaw is a nasty thing. Your character will not be able to log out of the world of Albion, nor will you be able to enter safe zone and cities. On top of that, Outlaws are targeted by the new Guard Towers. The Outlaw status will disappear automatically after a few minutes.

There are different ways to get this debuff, depending on where you are in Albion. If you are on a Royal Island, losing reputation will automatically grant you the Outlaw status. If you are in the Outlands, attacking a non-Outlaw or aiding an Outlaw you will get the debuff. This means you can be an Outlaw regardless of your reputation.

Luckily, speaking of Outlaws, Guard Towers as well as the Guards have a moral code. They has obviously defined areas of control, in addition to this, they will never execute a downed target. Nonetheless, note that, your fellow players aren’t likely to as forgiving. Most players have made a plan of buying cheapest albion online silver.

Regarding Albion Online Player News: Their Housing And Real Estates Overview

On guild territories, cities or on personal islands, players houses can be based in those place. In there, you have enough room to place different kind of furniture. For player house, it can give some buffs to the player owning it. For some fanatic Albion Online gamers, they have chance to take possession of cheap albion gold.


Your own corner of Albion

Claim your own corner of the world, then choose from over 50 buildings to develop your patch of land into a functioning city! Whether military, industrial or residential; plan carefully to use the valuable building land effectively and expand your empire.

Player housing

Build your home, then furnish and decorate it to your own style! Comfy beds, tables laden with hearty food, gruesome hunting trophies, Furniture not only makes your house a home; each item also provides distinct bonuses and abilities to your character.

How does my home affect my character

Wardrobes and chests will provide extra storage for your gear, so that you don’t have to drag a heavy full inventory around with you. Load up your pack mule and bring home the goods – they’ll be kept safe inside your home. By making use of cheap albion online silver,you can experience Albion Online as soon as possible.

Trophies are proof of your skill in battle! After a monster hunting session, you can always hang the trophies from your kills on the wall to decorate your home. Whenever you kill a mob in the world, it has a chance to drop its head, which you can then craft into a trophy to place in your home! Trophies will leave you feeling motivated and on top of the world! They give varying benefits, from movement speed boosts to extra damage.

Eating a hearty home-cooked meal at your very own table is always useful for making you feel ready to face the world again – especially a world as dangerous as Albion! Interacting with a table in your home will leave you feeling invigorated, bring you a temporary (non-stacking) boost to your hit points.

Are you tired of your travels, fighting or trading? you can have a restorative rest, in other words, you can get some shut-eye. If you are eager to a temporary energy boost as long as sleeping in a comfy bed, additionally, once you have a claimed bed in a property, you have a option of respawn at that house when you die. To that end, you can completely get rid of a tight spot, if a lage and well-furnished house really be in the possession of you. More players are focus greatly on buy albion gold.

Albion Online Update: The Economy System Of Albion Online

For Albion Online gameplay, the closed beta have just started, followed by, regarding its economy, we can take a brief look at it. It’s similar with other traditional MMORPGs, Albion Online features player-driven economy.


Discover, Gather, Hunt

To erect the greatest cities and smith the most deadly weapons requires resources, and plenty of them. Search far and wide to find the very rarest, most prized materials. But be on your guard – your enemies will be looking too.

Trade your goods at local marketplaces

Have more resources and items than you know what to do with? Or are you looking for a particular kind of blade? Take yourself to the nearest marketplace – plenty of traders await you there, and you’re sure to find what you’re looking for.

Craft your own armor and weapons

A player forges their own destiny! Be it a mighty set of armor, a magic staff or a set of sturdy tools – all items are crafted by you in our player-driven economy, so take up position at the anvil and get smithing.

Haul your goods around the world

There are many ways to transport goods across the vast world of Albion. So load up your trusty pack mule and set off on your way! Be warned, though, a full carriage is slow, and an easy target for thieves – be prepared to protect your cargo.


Need a break from fighting for your life, but still want to support your guild? Retire to your own private island off the coast of Albion and build and maintain a farm, including crops and animals, with a whole new set of buildings. Generate food to fuel your guild’s war efforts, or even just sell on the market for a profit.

Which One Is The 2P’s Most Anticipated Mobile Games Of 2016

In the past especially for look back to 2015, which is full with a wonderful and fruitful year for mobile game industry, regarding the development of gaming, we have witnessed everything on our mobile devices. Albion Online players can take advantage of cheap albion online gold to experience it.


In 2015, a number of promising titles such as Order & Chaos 2: Redemption and Mabinogi Duel had great performance and we can expect more awesome titles in 2016. Now take a look at the 12 most anticipated mobile games of 2016.

The Ghost Story is one of the most popular martial arts franchises in China. Netease, Chinese gaming giant, decided to bring this game to mobile platform. It is an action role-playing game which will be available for iOS and Android. The Chinese Ghost Story will immerse you in its mysterious, explorable wonderland, where mankind, monsters and devils see a thrilling story spreading ahead. By buying albion online silver is good for playing gameplay.

It adopts the best features from The Chinese Ghost Story PC and optimizes it for the modern mobile gaming experience. Players can not only experience most memorable regions and characters in the PC version, but also the brand-new PVP system, faction system, freely trading system and housing system which haven’t been seen before.

On January 7, 2016, the first Closed Beta will be launched in China, until now more than 90 million players have signed up for this beta, but at present, on the Western release, now there are still no words. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that albion online gold for sale.