Exploring Fallout 76’s Vault 63: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Loot

In Fallout 76, Vault 63 is a favorite for players because of its unique loot and great rewards. This article will detail how to enter Vault 63 and how to maximize its rich loot. If you’re looking to level up faster, consider¬†fallout 76 weapons for sales. This will help you gain an advantage faster and enjoy the game.

Dark Hollow Manor

How to Enter Vault 63

Vault 63 is located in Dark Hollow Manor in Skyline Valley. Although there is another Vault 63 in the game located in Ash Heap, this article discusses Vault 63 accessed through Dark Hollow Manor. Once you discover Dark Hollow Manor, it will become a free fast travel point for players to visit frequently.

Once you enter Dark Hollow Manor, head to the upper atrium and take the elevator to your destination. The doors are closed when you first enter, but once you open them, it will be much easier to come back later.

Salt, Pepper, Sugar

Explore the key areas of Vault 63

1. Clinic

  • Loot: Microscope, Bio Scanner, Glue, etc. Although the books in the clinic cannot be picked up, you can collect a lot of debris.

2. Security Office

  • Loot: Ammo Boxes, Handcuffs, Clipboards, Safes, etc. Pay special attention to the ammo boxes, which usually need to be unlocked (level 2) and contain 4-5 times more ammunition than other containers. For example, you can find more than 100 shotgun shells here.
  • Special items: Ammo Bags, Hat Storage (randomly generated hats), etc.

3. Gym

  • Loot: Lead Dumbbells (Lead is an important resource).

4. Kitchen

  • Loot: Salt, Pepper, Sugar. These items are very useful for making food.

5. Underground Area

  • Loot: Various scattered debris, ammo boxes (sometimes without ammo), crafting tables (convenient for organizing and disassembling items).
ammo boxes

How to reset loot

One of the most notable features of Vault 63 is that you can refresh loot without resetting your loot list. Simply leave the current server and join a new one and all the loot will regenerate.

Here is a post-reset loot check:

  • Security Office: All items (microscope, handcuffs, hat storage, etc.) have been regenerated. Pay special attention to the ammo boxes, which usually have a large amount of ammo.
  • Gym: Lead dumbbells have regenerated.
  • Kitchen: Salt, pepper, and sugar have all regenerated.
  • Underground area: Loot and items in ammo boxes have been restored.

Vault 63 is a very important loot-collecting location in Fallout 76, and you can access a lot of resources by frequently visiting it without resetting your inventory. Not only is there a rich supply of ammunition and sundries here, but there are also some essential seasonings for making food. By frequently visiting Vault 63, you can keep a good supply of supplies and improve your survivability in the game.

Hopefully this guide will help you better explore Vault 63 in Fallout 76 and get more loot. If you like this article, please share it with more players, and welcome to join the next adventure!