Where is the Fastest Place to Farm Souls in DS3?

Where is the Fastest Place to Farm Souls in DS3?

To gain an advantage in the high-difficulty Dark Souls 3, players need to collect a lot of DS3 Souls to upgrade and perfect their characters in the game. Farming souls is a great way to get the souls needed to level up and give yourself that edge you need, especially in later levels where leveling up costs a ton of souls. Here, we will introduce some of the fastest soul farms where we can get enough souls after we enter the game.

Archdragon Peak (Mausoleum)

Dark Souls 3: Archdragon Peak

This is one of the fastest ways to farm souls in Dark Souls 3. Players can run from the bonfire to the doorway and wait for the knight to be summoned, backstab, and repeat. This can net players a lot of souls in a short amount of time.

Lothric Castle (Bonfire)

Dark Souls 3: Lothric Castle (Bonfire)

This is a great place to farm souls in Dark Souls 3. Players can kill the knight right next to the bonfire, rest, and repeat. This surprisingly effective method of soul farming could net hundreds of thousands of souls in less than 30 minutes.

Grand Archives (Roof)

Dark Souls 3: Grand Archives (Roof)

This is arguably the best way to get the most souls in the shortest time. The roof of the Grand Archives is home to three Ascended Winged Knights that provide almost 30,000 souls each. With the right equipment, players can earn about 90,000 souls in just a few minutes.

Dragon-kin Mausoleum (Bonfire)

Dark Souls 3: Dragon-kin Mausoleum (Bonfire)

This is another great place to farm souls in Dark Souls 3. Simply walking into the mausoleum will cause the Serpent-man Summoner above the room to summon a Drakeblood Knight. This can net players thousands of souls fast without even needing to rest at the bonfire to reset the area.

High Wall of Lothric (Courtyard)

Dark Souls 3: High Wall of Lothric (Courtyard)

This is a good early place to get plenty of souls and the chance for powerful items. Once defeated, players can use Vordt of the Boreal Valley’s Bonfire to quickly run up the long courtyard towards High Priestess Emma and kill the four Lothric Knights who patrol the courtyard. The knights, while tough, drop a decent amount of souls, as well as their armor, weapons, and other items like Ember or Titanite Shards.

In conclusion, farming souls is an important aspect of Dark Souls 3, and players can use various methods to farm souls quickly. Players should experiment with different methods to find the one that suits their playstyle. Additionally, players should equip soul farming gear to make all that effort even more lucrative.

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