The Finals: 7 Tips For Playing Quick Cash Better

In The Finals Quick Cash mode, you’re tasked with collecting as much money from vaults scattered around the map and depositing them safely. The goal is to reach the matches goal amount of cash before your enemies do. It’s a fast game where it’s easy to get confused, but thankfully, there are seven tips to help you succeed.

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  1. Destroy The Route
The Finals Destroy The Route

If you find the enemy has one specific route they favor from cash box to vault, throw some rubble in their way, drop a building on them, or even cover it with flames. The more you can disrupt enemy movement, the more you can capitalize on any mistakes they make. Use that to your advantage in THE Finals.

  1. Combining Resources
The Finals Combining Resources

Plenty of different tools in your inventory and your environment are available to you when it comes to keeping the enemy at bay. Combining your resources is key here. Turrets, goo walls, goo guns, jump pads, incendiary grenades; there’s a wealth of different mixes to play with to make sure your enemies have a tough time reaching you.

  1. Team Communicate
The Finals Team Communicate

Communication is essential in The Finals. This is due to a couple of factors and design decisions surrounding the game. There are so many variables to account for when facing off against your opponents. This could include their team composition, whether or not they have a healer present, and much more. Make sure you communicate things like enemy locations and the amount of health an enemy has; it’s all vital stuff to be talking to your teammates about.

  1. Watch For The Pings
The Finals Watch For The Pings

In The Finals, players can move rather quickly, so it’s easy to lose track of them. Thankfully, though, the vault will ping every few moments to let you know where the carrier is. Hunting down the carrier can be a great way to switch the tide of the match, so keep an eye out for the pings and try to anticipate where they’re headed.

  1. Use Your Heavy
The Finals Use Your Heavy

Out of the three body archetypes in The Finals, the Heavy is the slowest, most durable, and most capable of wanton destruction. This class is built with demolitions and suppressive fire in mind, pelting enemy contestants with deafening machine gun fire and terrifying grenade salvos. Every wall, ceiling, and floor you put a hole in is a way to blindside the defending team with. Plus, the chaos that ensues is perfect for light players to get in and start stealing.

  1. Know The Bank Locations
The Finals Know The Bank Locations

There are three deposit boxes scattered along the map, and they’re going to see a lot of traffic before the match is over. The Finals move quickly, but you should have a few moments at the beginning to figure out where they are. At the onset of the match, find somewhere high up and familiarize yourself with the box locations and potential avenues to getting there. You won’t miss much as it takes time to get to the vault and then open it, so you should be able to catch up with the rest of your team before everything gets too hectic.

  1. Pick Your Steal Time
The Finals Pick Your Steal Time

It may seem daunting to see an enemy team start the deposit process at a cash box, but they haven’t scored just yet. It takes some time for the process to complete, which gives you ample time to rush in and steal it. While you may get the urge to speed to the vault and steal it as quickly as possible, the sooner you steal it, the more time you have to defend it. Stealing an enemy deposit sets off an alarm. Make sure you and your team are ready for everyone to know what you’re doing before you begin.

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Diablo 4’s Midwinter Blight: Gillian’s Narrative Quest

Diablo 4 marks the season with its first-ever winter event – the Midwinter Blight Event. Kicking off on December 12th and wrapping up on January 2nd, this event introduces players to a new storyline featuring Gillian, the first of his kind in the game. Set in the visually stunning Fractured Peaks region, adorned in a light purple hue for the event, this article delves into the intricacies of the Midwinter Blight, covering the storyline, rewards, and gameplay mechanics.

Gillian The Bard and the Fractured Peaks

The event centers around Gillian The Bard, a character who returns to his birthplace, the Fractured Peaks, after spending his life elsewhere. Despite not being a fighter, Gillian aims to uplift the spirits of the people facing the horrors plaguing their land. The storyline unfolds in Kovash Shad, the city known for crafting malignant hearts in the game’s first season.

Event Mechanics and Gameplay

Participating in the Midwinter Blight event involves collecting three new materials: Blighted Fragments, Lost Heirlooms, and Red Cloak Trophies; each dropped by specific enemy types. Players engage in event-specific activities, like defeating Frigid Husks and the Red Cloaked Horror, to amass these materials. These can then be exchanged for the event’s unique currency, Midwinter Proofs, at a particular bench in town.

Rewards: Cosmetics, Elixirs, and Aspects

The event boasts an array of rewards, including 14 cosmetics with weapon skins, back pieces, and a mounted trophy. Midwinter Blight makes These D4 items for sale purchasable, eliminating RNG frustrations common in other games. Additionally, players can obtain Gillian’s Brew Elixir, which offers a substantial 15% XP boost and a new offensive aspect with benefits like increased attack and movement speed.

Event Duration and Accessibility

The event’s 20-day span allows players ample time to engage and reap the rewards. The straightforward reward system and the event’s accessibility for players of all levels make it an appealing addition to the Diablo 4 universe.

Personal Opinion and Event Impact

While the event offers a solid range of items and an engaging storyline, it may not be groundbreaking to seasoned players. However, the introduction of Gillian The Bard and the potential for future Bard classes add an exciting element to the game’s narrative.

Event’s Larger Progression System

Alongside individual rewards, players can contribute to a larger progression system called the Tribute Tier, akin to the Hunter’s Acclaim board, by engaging in the event and exchanging materials. While the rewards from this system may not be highly significant for endgame characters, they provide a decent incentive for newer players or those leveling alt characters.

Concluding Thoughts

The Midwinter Blight event in Diablo 4 offers a well-rounded, player-friendly seasonal experience. With its straightforward mechanics, diverse rewards, and the potential carryover of certain items to the Eternal Realms post-season, the event caters to a wide range of players. While it might not revolutionize the seasonal event landscape, it’s a commendable first winter event for Diablo 4, offering something for everyone during the festive season.