New Vanity Items in Albion Online Next Context Update

Albion Online will release the content update Darian later this month, and then you can use these new vanity items to make your island, territories. What types of furniture can you expect?


Torches and Standards
Your cozy camp of demon worshippers is not complete without a campfire or two to warm up the place.

Stone Pentagram
Home is where the demon-summoning pentagram is!

Weapon Crate
Rocking the Morgana faction logo, this crate will keep your items safe from harm.

Morgana’s Army Tent
Make sure people don’t confuse your camp for a pile of things, by adding this majestic tent.

Prison Cell
Pesky adventurers are better off locked away. For their own safety, of course.

Siege Ballista
Last but not least, scare foes away with this majestic siege ballista.

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