Albion Online Guide: Skills, Gear and Crafting

There is no doubt that albion online has the best skill and gearing system. It has a comprehensive deep system, which allows different combination of builds. Players have tons things to research, which will allow them to play longer.


Skills and gears are relative. There are certain skills that can only be utilized when using a specific weapon. Wherein, wearing a wand makes a character to be a spell caster, while wearing a bow allows a player to use bow skills.

The limit of using a skill only on a specific weapon is nothing new. Changing armors could add or reduce a character’s skill. Different skill could be obtained through wearing different armor and weapon. Each weapon has its own skill.

A bow has its own skill set. A wand has its own skill set. A sword has its own skills set. A character can acquire these skill set through simply wearing a wand, a bow, and a sword.

A character could wear bow, wand, and sword. However, using high level equipment requires advancement of a specific weapon on the destiny board. Example: in order to wear a high level bow, the ranger in destiny board should in par with the equipment tier. In other words, players have to invest so much time in order to become a master of all.

If you hate crafting, humanoid monsters drop equipment. The equipment they drop varies on the monster tier. If you kill a tier 3 monster, you have a chance to obtain tier 3 weapon.

The same goes for crafting. There are a total of 8 tiers in albion online. Higher tier resources can be obtained through killing high tier monster or high level area.

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