Albion Online Guide on Targeting

Today I will talk about my ideas about targeting in Albion Online.




I recently joined and I have been doing only PvE so I cannot speak about PvP experience. But in pve, targeting enemys is somewhat difficult when there is only a few mobs and lots of loot bags on the ground. Trying to get the target and but keep getting loot window open right in the middle of my screen.

So I have a couple ideas:

1. Make silver picked up automatically with out clicking, or completely remove silver drop and make it goes in to the bag directly(direct deposit)
Silver is shared in a group anyway and I don’t think there is anyone who doesn’t want extra silver coins. If somebody really and absolutely doesn’t want extra silver, maybe we can have’not accepting silver’ option in a group.

2. No tab auto targeting but ctrl/alt/shift targeting help keys.

  • In my understanding tab-targeting is auto targeting? correct me if I am wrong.
  • What I am suggeting instead is keep the game click-targeting based but use ctrl/alt to change target group.
  • Normal click will select anything while ctrl+click will select only friendly target and nothing else.
  • Alt+click will select only hostile target so you won’t get loot bag instead when you don’t want it.(Or in pvp which I don’t have any experice on yet, you won’t accidentally picking a resource)
  • Shift+click for target your opponent but you don’t move toward target. Maybe useful for ranged ambush.