Is the Delated Teleport a New Playstyle?

Delayed teleport in Albion Online is not that useless at all.


Delayed teleport works with cast time spells like heavy cleave for example:

1. Delayed teleport
2. Wait 1 sec
3. Cast heavy cleave or something like that

The aoe will be set at the new position of your character. Nice combos inc.
So it is nice for repositionning without breaking your casts, with a little of anticipation of course.

For example : snipe shot with crossbow. If you cast delayed teleport before it, you will be replaced without breaking your cast. (Keep targeting a target who run away or replacing yourself to avoid stuns).

Another: Iron-clad staff, use dalayed teleport, “e” spell, then your are now in the enemy team to split them.

Do you have any idea for combos with that?