Which Dagger Pair Build is the Best for GvG in Albion Online?

I am still wondering if the Dagger Pair build is the best for GvG. So I have many problems. Today I’ll talk about this topic.

Albion Online Dagger Pair build

These are the build where I am talking about:

Build 1
Head: Guardian Helmet (Stone Skin);
Armour: Mage Robe (Frost Shield);
Feet: Mage Sandals (Energetic Sprint).

Build 2
Head: Assassin Hood (Meditation);
Armour: Assassin Jacket (Ambush);
Feet: Scholar boots (run).

Build 3
Head: Assassin Hood (Smoke Bomb);
Armour: Hunter Jacket (Haste);
Feet: Scholar boots (run).

And below is the solution:

Dagger pair (dash)
.3 leather helmet meditiation move passive
.2 leather armor haste move passive
.1 cloth boots run damage passive or
.2 leather boots rush/refreshing sprint move passive.

Health/damage food healing potions. Bring a mount. Daggers aren’t the best for this. It might even be better to use a simple dps setup and go for caps.

Single target dps (my recommendation):

Dagger pair dash
.3 leather meditiation move passive
.3 cloth armor frost shield damage passive
.2 leather boots rush/refreshing sprint move passive
.3 cloth boots energetic sprint damage passive

Health/damage food, healing potions
maybe the player are a burst character, so utilize it. With meditation you’ll be able to burst a target in 3 seconds (3stacks). Mobility and low cooldowns are your best defenses.