Albion Online Details: The Artifacts And Details Of The Royal Islands

A new article from Albion Online has been posted by Sandbox Interactive, it majorly targating at the development of new artifact weapons as well as the Wildlands and Royal Islands that will arrive with the final beta this summer. Take note that cheap albion silver for sale.



These weapons will have unique abilities, and can only be created from enemy artifact objects in JcE. Do not miss the news that will continue to come out on them in the future, but you can already have a look at two of these artifact weapons.

In addition to talking about these new weapons, they have also shared new details about the steppes, which are reaching the final phase of their development. Level designers are preparing to solve possible problems with guilds, or errors that may arise, while the art department continues to create and encourage new animals. By the way, many players are willing to buy cheap albion gold.

As for the new territories, Albion Online will receive a map of the world completely new and today we reveal details of the Royal Islands and the Wild Lands! The Royal Islands are two islands off the coast of Albion, colonized and ruled by the Royal Expeditionary Forces: The Land of the King and the Land of the Queen.

While the Wildlands are part of Albion without control, without real expeditionary Forces that keep the laws. The guilds are free to claim territories, wage wars, plunder and murder at will. The Wildlands are also the richest resources and treasures. But beware, for powerful creatures roam these lands too. The need for more cheap albion online gold since it can contribute to players smoothly playing gameplay.