Galahad And More Albion Update Content: Its Officially Release Date Is Coming

Thanks to Sandbox Interactive, eventually, Albion Online will arrive at Albion Online on March 13,2017, gamers are likely to expecting for a long time, however, officially release date is coming in this summer, the last wipe of the official server. More Albion online update news, and you can found more:


For Albion Online new update, On 15 March, Albion Online is to be released for supporter. Assumption that you purchased the legendary founder package, you can, however, sniff before the novelties, if the 13th March the update is installed. “Galahad” is by no means a last, small update before the release of the game.

Before the release and after Galahad, the game will continue to receive content updates and rolling, so it is highly recommended to test everything well, to be prepared for the release. To prepare for Galahad, both servers (main and Mordred) will be shut down on 10 March at 10:00 UTC and will return on 13 March. How to buy?cheap albion online gold safely? UPAlbion is your top choice.

On the contrary, the update represents a massive overhaul of the world. Additionally, numerous balancing adjustments was introduced, according to the update revises the user interface, after all, innovations are also portion of the update, as a matter of fact, the update is extremely extensive and profound. By the way, with albion online release date is approaching, gamers are busy buying cheap albion online gold by going official gaming website.