Monopoly GO: How To Get More Tycoon Racers Flags

Monopoly GO Tycoon Racers Flags

Tycoon Racers is a brand new multiplayer experience in Monopoly GO, where you’ll need to build up teams of friends to challenge other racers in a dash to the finish line. However, competing against other teams and reaching first place requires getting flags, much like partner events require tokens. So in this guide, we will show you how to get more Tycoon Racers flags so you can help your team win your races.

Event And Tournament Rewards

Banner events and tournaments are the best way to get Tycoon Racers Flags in Monopoly GO. While tournaments often give a few hundred flags, banner events give over 1,000, making them a reliable source if you have enough dice to progress far into them. Keep in mind, that getting thousands of flags from events and tournaments requires collecting enough points to advance. Nonetheless, if you have enough Monopoly Go dice to complete every milestone, events and tournaments are the way to go.

Flag Pickup Tiles

Another great way to get flags is to collect flag tokens around your Monopoly board. They spawn randomly around the board, each providing one base flag that scales with your dice multiplier. In other words, while rolling one dice won’t yield many flags, rolling 100 can get you somewhere. The only downside to this method is the randomness of your dice rolls and how many you have to use to get these flags.

Daily Quick Win rewards

The next way to get flags is completing your three daily Quick Win tasks. Although these don’t give nearly as much as tournaments and events, they’re a quick and reliable way to get flags without spending thousands of dice. Your objectives usually range from upgrading landmarks to collecting stickers, making them relatively easy to finish in one day. If you want to collect stickers fast, you can buy them from U4gm, which is 100% legal. Also, you can use code “Mods” for 5% off to get more cheap Monopoly Go Stickers!

Free Shop Gifts

Free shop gifts are another way to get small amounts of flags each day. You can claim one gift every eight hours, each giving a few flags toward the event. Like Quick Wins, these won’t give you the hundreds or thousands that regular events give, but they’re still a solid method of obtaining a few, especially if you’re diligent in collecting the gift regularly.

Tycoon Racers Lap Rewards

Lastly, you can gain extras by finishing laps around the race track. Each lap completion grants you the choice of small rewards like dice, flags, cash, and low-grade sticker packs, giving you an additional incentive to watch your progress throughout the event. You can only choose one of the boxes each time, so think carefully about your choice.