The Best Way To Manage Cars In GTA Online

In GTA Online, players use legit gta 5 modded accounts ps4 to collect various cars. Players often struggle with managing these cars, but luckily, the new vehicle organization feature in GTA Online significantly improves the gameplay experience, allowing you to easily and quickly manage and rearrange vehicle collections across multiple garages. Here are the specific methods:

Using the Interaction Menu
1. Open the Interaction Menu by holding down the respective button/key for your platform (e.g. Touchpad on PS4, View button on Xbox).
2. Navigate to the “Manage Vehicles” section and select “Vehicle Organization”.
3. Choose the garage that contains the vehicle you want to move.
4. Select the specific vehicle you wish to relocate.
5. Next, choose the destination garage where you want to move that vehicle.
6. If the destination garage has multiple floors, you’ll be prompted to select which floor to place the vehicle on.
7. Confirm the move, and the vehicle will be instantly transferred between your owned garages.

Key Points
· You can move any number of vehicles between any of your owned garages using this menu method.
· There is no cooldown period when moving vehicles this way, unlike calling the mechanic.
· You cannot choose the specific garage slot the vehicle will be placed in at the destination.
· The menu option to move vehicles is only available when outside of garages.

This new “Vehicle Organization” feature in the Interaction Menu allows you to quickly and easily reorganize all your personal vehicles across multiple garages without having to physically drive them, saving a tremendous amount of time and hassle.