About Albion Crafting Quests You Need to Know

When i got a quest item, fox pelt’s/cloth armor then hand in the quest to get the reward i notice the items still in the bag i’m ok with fox pelts cotton etc, but having armors fill slots as if the quest was not asking they need it only if u can waste your resources to make the items u don’t need, as by then u had a set u liked. I’m unsure if this is a bug or meant to be.


Yes that is how the quests are supposed to work. A lot of people like to do them as an easy way to trade the sigils for equipment or for fast gold if they already have the materials in their bag or chest. If you don’t want the armor, then you can salvage it and save the returned materials in case you want to do the quest again.

The good thing is, if you are crafting armour or weapons, this offers you a dual way of improving your skill, improving your gathering ability and you are improving your reputation with a particular factor. Plus the salvage option means you can recycle some material as selling so many items is not really viable if everyone else is doing.