As Albion Online Premium: Which is the Best Way to Grind

Albion being closed beta, have you experienced it? I just picked the game up yesterday and I am loving it so far!

I understand there will be a lot of grinding to level up skills and I’m okay with that. Just had a couple of questions to grind fame and equipment for getting ready for pvp. I’m looking to transition into a tanky peeler in pvp player, however I like leveling up in dungeons. What would be the best way to grind fame and obtain tier appropriate gear at the same time? Can this be accomplished strictly via dungeon grinding before I transition to pvp with a guild?


You can pretty much easily get to T4 gear with the mobs found in safe (green) zones and dungeons.
Remember that dungeons in Albion online are Open World and not instances.
Usually you farm mobs of 1-2 tiers higher than your current gear with the help of a DPS if you are tank like me. You will get more fame than same Tier mobs.

For tank, I advise full plate because they have really awesome bonus armor/magic resistance and in PvP it’s like a real tank.
For the weapon depend on your preferences because they have différents skills linked to them.
So up to your playstyle 🙂

Here the link for the weapons abilities list: Basic Weapons Guide v1.0

Enjoy your stay :3

PS: Please remember that is a CBT and it will receive HUGE update that may change the game a lot while in CBT. So, just test the things you want, learn to play and how to start the game.
Don’t farm like there is no tomorrow (unless you really like it^^).

There will be a full wipe just before the OBT. Keep that in mind^^