Albion Online: Destiny Tree Work Details

If you still a bit unsure how albion destiny tree works, and haven’t found a comprehensive guide to it, and also maybe a resource to find certain things. If you want to specialize farming but can’t find the items to harvest, follow this:


For farming; buy yourself a personal island in a city. Head over to a dirt/soil-plot. Click on Saw/Hammer icon on your top right screen and find the farm-construction, in farming tab. You can place these at soil/dirt-plots. Now, there should be a vendor somewhere north on your island. He will sell you carrots, beans etc. Once you buy these, go on top of your farming soil, open your inventory and click on the carrot/seed.

It should now give you an option to place it. Growing is a part of farming, and can take a long time. When they are fully grown, you can pick them up / harvest, and you’ll get fame, in order to rank up in tiers for farming as well. So sooner or later you can do higher tiers of farming, which will help you to get better food for yourself, others or animals.

Any other gathering is rather simple. T1 wood and stone doesn’t require tools. T1 rabbit hide requires a T1 skinning knife. T1 ore doesn’t exist. T1 flower requires a sickle. Once you get enough fame in each branch, you can craft a higher tier tool, and start gathering the next tier resource. So for a T3 gather, you’ll need a T2 tool. T4 gathering requires T3 tool, etc.

How ever, at higher tiers, there will be some extra-ordinary quality on resources, T4+. These requires the same tier of tool as the node, unlike the normal ones. So for a T4 node with blue sparkling effects, you’ll need a T4 tool, but for a normal T4 node, you’ll need a T3 tool.

Later on, at T3+ you’ll have different masteries before you can rank up to the next tier. For gathering, you’ll need to gather 38K worth of fame, in T3 and T4 resources, in order to finish your first mastery level. After first mastery level is unlocked, which is free (I believe), you’ll get a slight extra yielding percentage on your Journeyman+ (T3+) tools. I believe that’s 1% pr mastery. The next mastery you’ll need, before you can start getting T4, requires even more fame. This time 78K fame, with an addition of “Learning points”. If you don’t want to spend your learning points, it requires an extreme amount of fame, compared to with the combination of fame and learning points. How ever, at T5+, you’ll quickly run out of learning points.

If there’s more you’re wondering about, don’t worry about asking. I don’t have time to play at this very moment, so I’ll sit on the reddit for a while.