The Best PvP Gear for Some Circumstances

I have bought the founder’s pack and I’m reaching the point where the wipe is becoming too much. I don’t want to gather so much or kill so many mobs that I can use T8 Gear/Tools and then have to lose it all.

So I figure I’ll just figure out the best PvP gear, slowly make my way to T5 or maybe T6 if I really feel like it, and just spend my days PvPing.
So with that in mind what would be the best PvP gear to equip for the following circumstances:

  • 1v1 Duel’s
  • 5v5’s in Hellgates/GvG
  • Red Zone surprise attacks to insta-kill someone as fast as possible and take their shit, and not give them any opportunity to run away

Just to clarify I meant what gear combinations would be best in each of the given circumstances, meaning that if Claws are best for 1v1 duels, I understand that they might not be best for 5v5’s, and that there is a different build that is best for 5v5’s.

For 5v5 the most important thing isn’t individual builds, it’s their comp and how they synergise with each other.

For Red Zone ganking, if you’re going after one or two people then claws is also pretty decent because of the suppress mechanic. Warbow is also decent, as you have good damage above T6 and can kite really well. But again, unless you want to solo (in which case I recommend warbow) then you should check with your group for which role is usually most needed.