Balancing Issues New Skills in Albion Online

Today I will share with you the balancing issue in Albion Online.


Great Hammer 6.3 brand new tackle skill

  • description: travels in straight line dealing 48 dmg and stunning for 5.7s energy cost 65 cooldown 15s

Polehammer 7.2 (same rough tier) Groundbreaker

  • description: travels in straight line dealing 297 dmg and stunning for 9.14s energy cost 67 cooldown 15s even the 4.2 polehammer skill is better than the great hammer

Please start posting full descriptions of potential new skills FAR prior to placing them in game. Something this obvious should have been common sense.

To put it bluntly this isn’t the first time:

  • Movement ability on Armor (why make it so medium is better than light and heavy when prior to this it was balanced passives are fine it is the active skills that unbalanced game)
  • Movement ability on Weapons (they should all be roughly the same…if you need help calculating there are a number of us capable on forums ask…please)
  • Aoe dmg on Bow (like really you nerf the 1 skill that was sort of “ok” and totally ignore the 3 second spammable that can hit everyone in a cone?)
  • Meteor being useless (i.e. remove the knockback no other aoe makes it so that it ruins everyone else’s aoe in game)