New Learning Points System in Albion Online

As you know with Darian we made a change to the Learning Points system.

  • Our System is now very similar to EVE (when you are having an active subscription/premium you are generating LPs even when you are offline).
  • However we made two major additions
    Someone who is actively playing progresses faster than someone who is not
    When you are out of LPs you can still progress by accumulating fame
  • Right neither the fame nor the LP progression are balanced, this will be very important.

albion online
A potential argument against that system is that everyone can easily have alts with whom they craft their gear.
See below why this does not convince me yet of being a problem:

  • As mentioned above it is a matter of balancing:

Lets say if you are actively playing a crafter it takes you 3 month to reach the maximum (random number) of one node (Leather Helmet) and if you are not playing actively it would take you 12 months, I think one can fairly say that there is not an issue. To find the sweetspot here will be our task over the next months till release.

  • Also keep in mind that you need several pieces for your equipment not only a helmet or a weapon
  • Even more important: A key element of Crafting is obtaining the required resources, either by gathering them yourself or making good deals on the AH

Someone is asking to remove the characters per account (also because there is the risk of one account having alts who are supplying your main with gear)

  • We had this in the past and added more characters per account due to the demand from the community
  • People would create just a 2nd or 3rd account anyway. Something hardcore players will probably do anyway
  • Right now the best strategy is also to put all LPs into one “tree”, therefore you may want to have different characters anyway

IMPORTANT: We have in the past made several changes when we did see things not going as planned. And we would like to get some data first. Hope that makes sense and we are especially looking for a lot of constructive feedback in terms of numbers and values for these systems, that will help the more than just saying “the system sucks”.