Albion Online Wishlists by Game Players(Part Ⅰ)

Today we will introduce the wishlist by game players.

Albion Online

Remove global chat.

Why remove global chat?

  • No gold spam
  • No Guild recruiting spam
  • No trolling
  • No “What’s the best build for “X”?” or “What’s the highest DPS build?”
  • Frankly put, global chat just doesn’t work with this games design.
  • The addition of Push to Talk VOIP, like in Day Z, that can be toggled on and off would be surprisingly useful.

Include a function to “Mute” a player from your VOIP

Add Instanced PVP!
This is huge. I have done little to no PvP. I have dueled some friends; and, avoided some reds. And frankly, the grind of crafting is starting to feel more like a job than a game I’m playing for fun. Instanced PvP should start as a Journeyman and stop wherever the devs decide to stop it.

  • When I queue for PvP, I choose the armor and weapon I wish to use for that match. This allows me to try out different combinations, so I know what direction I want to take my Destiny Board; and, keep me from wasting knowledge points on gear that just don’t work for me.
    The specs on the gear(preferably of “Epic” quality) are the same for every player. No TWINKS
  • If I queue for PvP near Kingspool, then that is the team I play on. Kingspool will play against another city including another group of players from Kingspool if necessary.
    This is where you will meet other players from your area, make friends, find guilds in your area, ect.
    The groups are completely ROG-PUGs at least for journeyman and adept. Devs can decide the appropriate level for “formed group” PvP.
  • Each town will have its own colors so you know who your teammates are.
  • This also gives you the opportunity to interact with players and guilds from other cities and add them as a friend, or NOTE them as a worthy opponent.
  • The rewards for the matches are simply Rough Stone and Rough Logs. No fame, No silver.
  • All kinds of MAPS, Domination, CTF, and Deathmatch.

Looting other players is probably the main reason my friends and I looked into this game, and, I think it’s about time a game allowed looting another player. I would like to see one change though; and, I can certainly understand opposition to this thought. But,

  • When you loot a player’s bones, you shouldn’t be able to just destroy all their items by tossing said items directly from their bones to the ground. Take them or leave them; but, not be able to just throw them on the ground and “destroy” them.
  • If you want to take the time to put them in your pack, then destroy them, go right ahead.

Albion Online

Housing and Trade
I noticed how excited the devs were about the additional biomes they are adding to the game. Housing should match the biome it was built in right?

The stone collected from a specific biome would build a “Biome” appropriate structure that looked different than a structure from another biome.
i.e. If I want a Villa looking house in Kingspool then I have to go to a sandy biome and collect enough stone; or, I could trade some European looking stone from my area with a player from a sandy/desert biome.

Now we have a reason to form alliances and establish trade routes; or, go to war.

Speaking of Housing

House building, or any building of any kind in Albion Online, is HORRIBLE. I have literally fallen asleep trying to upgrade my structures. I dread this aspect of the game. It should be one of the most rewarding!

  • Instead of me doing the actual “building”, I would like to be more like a “Contractor”. I’ll bring the supplies and get the project started. Then come back later to see if the job is done and click the “Upgrade” button. Building upgrades should be like “Island Upgrades” Wait 20m to 30m for the upgrade to complete while I’m crafting or doing ANYTHING else.
    Or make “Building” an actual craft and allow me to package up my completed house and sell it on an auction house or vendor.
  • As an “Elder” builder, building or upgrading an “Adept” structure should take considerably less time than an “Adept Builder”.