Albion Online Bug When Leaving the Auction House

Albion Online bug

After walking away from the auction house, and having the window auto-close on you (because you are now too far away from the ‘vendor’) keyboard shortcuts no longer work, including spells, mounting, inventory, guild, etc.


  •  Walk up to auction house ‘vendor’
  •  Click in the “Search” box
  •  Begin typing in the text box (I typed “Cape”)
  •  Without hitting “Enter” or clicking anywhere on the auction house screen, click your mouse to move away from the “vendor”
  •  Upon the screen closing, you no longer have working keyboard hotkeys.


NOTE: If I go back to the auction house and click in the search box and hit “Enter” or I click on something on the screen, (i.e. moving the mouse focus away from the ‘Search’ box) my hotkeys return and function again when I walk away.