Albion Online Update: Elaine Introduces Highlands

Albion Online has been released with Elaine a new, big update for the Sandbox-MMORPG, regarding the update and detail introduced Highlands Biom. For this new landscape, it offers hills full of lush meadows, green forests as well as rushing streams. Residents of Albion Online attempt to settling here. More cheap coins for sale like cheapest albion silver,don’t miss buy it.


Because the country offers many opportunities to build farms. But the mysterious Keeper have so far prevented any attempt to settle. This is the reason why there are also the remains of these attempts at settlement. In accordance to some gamers, they said: We are very happy to get cheapest albion online silver.

Albion Online Farming IslandThe Keeper are coming

The kepers have dedicated themselves to preserving nature and are also the guardians of powerful artefacts. In addition to the Highlands and Keepers, the update also introduces 21 new “Hell Artifact” items.

Additionally, for the marsh biomass, it has been reworked, what’s more, you will now meet animals and creatures, there are lots of bugfixes. Full Albion Online Details or latest news, you can head over to: