Albion Online First Look And More

Albion Online, Due to this game has a lot of depth, first of all, it’s not visible, in addition, it’s a extremely simple game, as long as you get into the game, you are aware of how much of a sandbox it is, more importantly, how much work you have to do, with regard to starters, included everything you acquire in this game you make. For those players who are ready for buy cheap albion gold, they have been waiting for a long time.


Everything from the tools to the armor weapons even your housing. Can be made from bare materials. It will take you some time to get these items. Some people consider the total earning of everything fun. Me on the other hand appreciated it at first. But after three hours of grind farming, I was already looking for a faster way to do this.

The housing in the game is cool. Reminds me of Ultima Online in looks and feel. You can place a house almost anywhere. As long as land is available in that area for placement. Your house can be storage, tradeskill, and a place of showing off. You can do whatever you want with it. But again you must place and build everything in it.

Cross Platform Play
I find this game cool a little too drawned out. But I do also like all the cross platform play. You can play on PC,MAC, and Android as well. It’s very ambitious taking some risk. But in the end the game is nice. And if you are looking for that earn everything sandbox feel. This game is it, and for now no pay to win in sight.

Destiny Board
No quest exist in albion. You have something called a Destiny Board. This is your semi Guide/Quest/Achievement system. The goal is to accumulate fame through varies methods. As you do this you move along the board. You can either go three paths ultimately. Be a fighter, a crafter, or a gatherer. Moving a long the board opens up item tiers and new processes. So many players have been chasing cheap albion online silver.