Albion Online Royal Continent And PvP: Two Significant Features Was Improved

A multitude of gamers are extremely focus on the visuals of gaming, however, Albion the visuals look amazing, gameplay appears to be pretty smooth, options in customization and it seems very immersive. When MMOs are increasingly optimized for casual gamers, Albion Online represents our vision of true as well as modern MMORPG. You should choose a the best albion online gold supplier at upalbion, upalbion is definitely your wisest choice.


According to founder and CEO of Sandbox Interactive expound, Albion Online combines the classic and challenging gameplay found such as Ultima Online, Eve Online, and Runescape, with the best and latest innovations in the genre – such as individualizing gameplay without classes. Albion Online made a series of update and improvements, and it soon to be released on July 17th. More detailed about Albion Online release news, you can be find in here:

Albion Online developer team have managed to improving the two significant features on the game, Royal Continent as well as PvP. However, the current Albion Online Royal Online Continent is too huge, leaving gathering zones to be too safe and unchallenging. Players just gather precious resources carelessly without having anything that can threaten their lives despite being in a full PvP zone.

With the new Royal Continent map, the size with be much smaller with a major city center in the heart. The city will be circled with the PvP zones and can be accessed through many ways, including tunnels to prevent city camping. More and more gamers have managed to buy cheapest and fastest albion online gold at upalbion.