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If you aren’t familiar with Albion Online, you take it for granted that Albion Online is a full-loot hardcore sandbox MMORPG. In this summer, Albion Online will officially be launched. Realistically, another foundation of the sandbox nature of Albion Online is the fight between players, they need to continually explore new lands, gather more resources, during this period, currency is main, especially for cheap albion online gold at u4gm, which is all gamer’s needs.


Having being said, the game world is divided into several hundred territories that can conquer guilds of players and thus gain extra resources. In the meanwhile, by obtaining your own territory, and then building your own village, each such domain protects the magic field, and it can prevent from being plundered in our absence, before the conquest, and it’s quite necessary to formalize the war, and the battle will only take place when both parties are logged.

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