The Newest Monopoly Go Tips

Monopoly Go Tips

In Monopoly GO, players can taste the real capitalist world and participate in constructing buildings, renting them, conquering cities, and becoming the highest net-worth individuals. But you need to strategize your game. This guide has the best tips for reaching the top!

Use The Shields Faster than Ever

Shields are pivotal to the gameplay in Monopoly Go, serving a critical defensive role. They empower players to safeguard their financial interests and strategic positions within the game. These shields act as protective barriers that prevent other players from inflicting damage on your landmarks. If all your built landmarks are destroyed, you will be left with nothing. Therefore, it is advisable to gather a minimum of three shields to establish a robust defense.

Use Auto-Rolls Carefully

This will allow the game to roll for you. No tapping is required! Although this option might look attractive especially, we advise you to use it more carefully. If not, you may end up in Jail. Always keep an eye on the board while rolling, and when you near the location of the Jail, choose to roll manually.

Spend your Money Before Exiting

Spending all your money before exiting is one of the ways to safeguard your wealth. Stacking up the cash may land you in many risks. For instance, other players may enter your vicinity and rob you. The bank heist may take a toll on your gameplay. To minimize the losses, spend your money before exiting the game. When you do this, you limit the amount that can be seized from you. This effective trick works many times.

Add Friends to Raise Community Chest Bonus

Monopoly GO offers you an opportunity to add your friends and play with them. With this, you not only enjoy the gameplay but also raise your Chest Bonus. Community Chest is touted as the goldmine of the game. It accumulates over time and offers a substantial amount of money, along with other rewards, such as Monopoly GO Stickers. The more friends you add to the game, the better the chest’s contents. This easy strategy will not let you down!

Complete Color Sets and Upgrade to Hotels

You complete a Color Set by placing Hotels on Property Tiles of the same color. The game has eight Color Sets: Brown, Light Blue, Magenta, Orange, Red, Yellow, Green, and Dark Blue. When these same-colored avenues are filled with Hotels, created from five Houses each, you achieve that Color Set. It will give you generous cash and a sticker bonus in return. These upgrades help boost your income and net worth, making you a strong contender in the game.

Build and Upgrade

Each Board has 5 unique Landmarks for you to build and upgrade, which you can access via the Build button on the bottom menu. Every time you build or upgrade a Landmark, you earn a House. Upgrade another, then another, and let the spree continue. Compared to upgrading one building five times and starting on a new one, this strategy works better.

Now that you know the top tips for Monopoly Go, it’s time to start your gameplay. All the best!