The Ultimate Guide to Secretly Buffed Crossbow in MWZ S2

Best Weapon - U4gm

Season 2 Reloaded of MWZ has brought a plethora of changes, Among these secret tweaks, one weapon has risen from the shadows to claim the title of the best weapon in the game. This guide will unveil the ultimate solo weapon for Tier 3 and the Dark Aether challenges: the crossbow, now significantly buffed thanks to a particular attachment.

The Crossbow’s Comeback
Initially, the crossbow was a powerhouse in the game’s early days, especially with a specific bolt attachment. However, it faced a heavy nerf in Season 1, leading to its dormancy. Season 2, however, has changed the game, reviving the crossbow to its former glory, making it an essential weapon for solo players tackling Tier 3 and Dark EO challenges.

The Secret Buff
The game-changing update revolves around one specific attachment: the blast cap 20in bolts. This attachment has transformed the crossbow into a zombie-slaying machine, capable of nearly taking down four zombies in one shot. The secret buff has made the crossbow absurdly powerful, allowing players to navigate through the game with ease, especially in medium threat levels and beyond.

The Ultimate Loadout
With the newly buffed crossbow, players can solo new schematics and face off against hordes of zombies and elite enemies without breaking a sweat. The key to mastering the crossbow lies in its explosive potential, combined with speed and durability enhancements like Speed Cola, Golden Armor, Ether Blade, and Stamina. However, don’t forget to grab PhD Flopper to avoid turning this weapon into a death wish.

Gameplay Strategy
The gameplay strategy with the crossbow is straightforward: pack a punch (Pap) to your weapon, enhance it to legendary tier, and you’re set to decimate zombies and elites alike. The crossbow shines in stronghold scenarios, where players can spam bolts without worry, thanks to its incredible damage output and the confusion it causes among the undead.

When tackling Tier 5 Dark Aether challenges or facing off against formidable foes like the Mangler or the Abomination, the crossbow‘s efficiency is unmatched. Its ability to quickly dispatch enemies, coupled with the frequent ammo drops from zombies, ensures you’re always ready for the next threat. The thermite bolts, once overshadowed by another bolt choice, now stand as the pinnacle of crossbow ammunition, thanks to the unnoticed lack of nerfs.

Here’s the ultimate crossbow loadout that will turn you into a solo powerhouse:

Best Weapon - U4gm
  • Bolt Attachment: Blast Cap 20in Bolts for explosive damage
  • Barrel: Carbine Elite V3 Arms for precision
  • Laser: Kami Mural Laser Light for accuracy
  • Optic: Slate Reflector for visibility
  • Stock: Speed Track Echo Stock for mobility

This combination ensures your crossbow is not only deadly but also versatile, allowing you to adapt to any situation the game throws at you.

The crossbow, with its secret buff in Season 2 Reloaded, has become an indispensable weapon for solo players aiming to conquer the highest tiers and the darkest corners of the game. By following this guide and mastering the recommended loadout, you’ll find yourself breezing through challenges that once seemed insurmountable. Whether you’re facing a horde of zombies or going toe-to-toe with the game’s toughest elites, the crossbow is your ticket to victory.