Key Features Of Albion Online And Its Original Music

Currently, according to the Albion Online team, a new video was sent out, concerning how the game’s 19 original music compositions, it were recorded with composer Jonne Valtonen and the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. At the same time, Game Director Robin Henkys as well as Valtonen futher discuss the importance of the musical score so as to strike the right “tone” […]

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Albion Online: Release Date Was Confirmed And New World Layout

In Albion Online, gamers can explore an completely open world, what’s more, by gathering resources, defending possessions and territory, meanwhile, the game offers an extensive, player-driven economy, gamers have a ability to challenge guilds bouts and develop and adapt buildings. In essence, Albion Online is a cross-platform and stable game world. Currency is significant in gaming process such as cheap […]

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Galahad And More Albion Update Content: Its Officially Release Date Is Coming

Thanks to Sandbox Interactive, eventually, Albion Online will arrive at Albion Online on March 13,2017, gamers are likely to expecting for a long time, however, officially release date is coming in this summer, the last wipe of the official server. More Albion online update news, and you can found more: For Albion Online new update, On 15 March, Albion […]

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