Diablo 4 barbarian weapon specialization system adjustment

The barbarian profession is unique in Diablo 4 because he can use several different weapons. Although this can improve his combat effectiveness, it also increases the difficulty of weapon specialization.

In the game’s early stage, the barbarian’s main task is to upgrade the level. In this process, you will get many different Diablo 4 weapon items. Since the barbarian has multiple weapon specializations, using as many other items as possible is necessary when the level is low. The weapon specialization has been upgraded to the whole class.

How to make system settings?
In selecting a weapon, if the player does not specify it, the system will automatically assign a gun and use it during the battle. Players can increase the exclusive rewards of this type of weapon by killing enemies. In this way, there will be a problem. The system will choose the best weapon to use every time. Although this can significantly improve combat effectiveness and quickly improve the specialization of a single gun, there are better options for other weapons. Friendly, which will cause the weapon damage bonus that the barbarian can get at a high level to be greatly reduced.

To avoid this situation, when the barbarian is at a low level, the default automatic weapon selection in the system must be changed to a manual one. When the specialization level of one weapon reaches level 10, another weapon must be manually replaced. , until all weapon specialization levels are raised to level 10. This avoids the situation of using only one weapon for a long time. Although it will impact the combat effectiveness at that time, it can significantly expand the types of weapons that barbarians can use. The maximum damage of the weapon can be played immediately.

In addition to weapon specialization rewards in Diablo 4, weapons can also be inlaid with gems. For details about inlaying gems, please refer to Diablo 4 Items gem selection and installation cost.